Quick Guide To Botanicals For Hair

Quick Guide To Botanicals For Hair

All  botanicals are sources of various flavonoids, tannins, phytonutrients, phenols, vitamins, minerals, and other components. All of these components have various effects when applied topically or ingested - it’s the beauty of botanicals. And some botanicals in particular are excellent for hair - here is a list and what each is good for:

Amla/ Amalaki - a hair tonic and superfood for hair; can stimulate hair growth

Aloe Vera - moisturizes, protects and nourishes as it is full of nutrients

Angelica - promotes hair growth

Birch leaf - reduces oiliness, refines pores and promotes hair growth

Burdock root - skin conditioner, rich in nutrients for a healthy hair and scalp

Calendula - anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory, healing

Chamomile - calms, reduces response to irritation

Clover - soothes, conditions, promotes healthy hair and scalp

Dandelion - anti-bacterial, astringent, rich in minerals, good for scalp health and promoting hair growth

Fennel seed - rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients, may assist with preventing hair loss, and promoting hair growth

Fenugreek - for growth

Ginseng - conditions, rejuvenates, enhances circulation, promotes hair growth

Gotu Kola/centella asiatica - healing, promotes circulation, improves scalp health

Green Tea - exfoliates, soothes, great for stimulating hair growth, full of nutrients and polyphenols

Hibiscus - stimulates hair growth, hair conditioner, rich in vitamins and nutrients

Henna - colourant and conditioner, but tends to dry out hair with repeated use

Hops - astringent, reduces itchiness and scalp conditions, rich in silica

Horsetail - conditions, reduces oiliness, refines pores, contains silica which strengthens hair

Irish Moss - smoothes, softens, moisturises and conditions, nutrient dense

Kelp - soother, softener, conditioner, rich in minerals and vitamins, nutrient dense, helps strengthen the hair and prevent breakage

Lemonbalm/Melissa - soothes, calms, good to reduce oiliness and balance the scalp

Lemongrass - conditions, tones tissues, combats excess oiliness, supports hair growth

Licorice - soothes, stimulates hair growth

Marshmallow - soothes, nourishes, reduces response to irritation, film-forming protective properties for hair

Marjoram - soothes, revitalises and rejuvenates hair and scalp

Milk Thistle - antioxidant, can help strengthen hair follicles and prevent excess hair loss

Mugwort - moisturizer, anti-inflammatory, increases blood circulation

Neem - anti-bacterial, regenerating, stimulates hair follicles, reduces hair fallout

Nettle - stimulates, softens, great for preventing hair loss and encouraging hair growth

Rosemary - used to promote hair growth, enhances shine

Sage - conditions, softens, stimulates hair follicles for better growth

Saw Palmetto berries - skin conditioner, and excellent for promoting hair growth and density

White Willow Bark - enhances cell turnover, natural source of salicin, great for exfoliating dead skin cells and buildup, oily scalp

Witch Hazel - removes impurities, reduces oiliness, refines pores, astringent, helps with dandruff

Yarrow - conditions, soothes. Good for oily scalp, normalises sebum production

So in short:

Botanicals for oily scalp and hair:

Witch hazel, yarrow, white willow bark, lemongrass, lemonbalm, hops

Botanicals for hair growth/hair loss:

Saw palmetto berries, sage, rosemary, nettle, neem, milk thistle, liquorice, lemongrass, hibiscus, green tea, ginseng, fennel, dandelion, birch, angelica, amalaki

Botanicals for strengthening hair and preventing breakage:

Kelp, horsetail, hops, birch

Botanicals to moisturise and condition:

Irish moss, hibiscus, marshmallow, aloe vera