Kraft Packaging

Resealable Paper Pouches

Also available for collection from our warehouse.

Resealable kraft paper pouches offer a safe, hygienic and attractive way to package products. Whether you are packaging bath salts to sell, organising your pantry or simply snacking on a road-trip, these resealable paper pouches are a wonderful accessory.

  • The Kraft Packaging range of paper gift bags and storage pouches are a sustainable and environmentally-friendly packaging solution. They are available to purchase as single units or in bulk, where volume discounts apply.

    Buy 50+
    15% Off
    Buy 100+
    20% Off
    Buy 500+
    25% Off
    Buy 1000+
    30% Off

    Please note that the following estimates were measured with Epsom salts to act as a rough guide. Naturally the weight/size limits will differ depending on what you choose to store inside.

    90 x 140mm - 95g

    100 x 150mm - 135g

    110 x 190mm - 200g

    120 x 200mm - 320g

    140 x 200mm - 400g

    160 x 220mm - 800g

    180 x 260mm - 1kg

    180 x 300mm - 1.5kg

    200 x 300mm - 1.75kg

    300 x 400mm - 4kg +

    • Kraft paper
    • Double seal
    • Ziplock
    • Heat sealing supported
    • Gusset and sealed sides add strength
    • Easy tear off
    • Stand up pouch
    • PET plastic lined window
    • Protective LLDPE inner lining (no stains)
    • Recyclable and landfill friendly
    • FSC certified paper
    • Food grade and perfect for storing and packaging foodstuffs
    • Resealable
    • Versatile and lightweight
    • Perfect for dried fruit, nuts, coffee, beans, etc
    • Also great to package cosmetic and body products such as bath salts, bath bombs, etc
    • Professional looking packaging

Customer Reviews

Based on 67 reviews
Stacey M.
Good packaging

Love this packaging, I use this for my bath salts


We bought a few different sizes to test and they are perfect!! The quality is superb, they classy, strong and most importantly environmentally friendly.
Looking forward to placing our official order to use for our new product :)

Cam H.

These pouches are great! They're going to be so handy for our bath salts.

Essentially Perfect

Being a young small business owner, branding is everything to me & I absolutely LOVE & enjoy packing my bath salt product in this package!!! My customers are in love with the package too. They say it's very interesting, modern & my product looks great in it!!! Zip is super strong. The resealable benefit is major for me! I will be using the same packaging for my other products as well. It's a huge thumbs up & 5 stars from me!!!!!!

Shantel M.
Love this

I totally love this packages cause I can package my tea and my customers totally love the packaging and branding . As a first time buyer I was a bit skeptical but they exceeded my expectations. Their delivery is fast and they are very responsive! Totally recommend!

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