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Spearmint tea great for skin

Satisfied with product,I see a difference already,highly recommend


I keep this on my desk and spritz problem areas and spots throughout the day for fast and scarless healing, as I suffer from menopause hormone related acne that is not prevantable with normal acne topical treatments or changing diet.

Excellent Quality

Great coconut oil at a great price. My only comment is that the bottle shape doesn't work well if the weather is colder as coconut oil solidifies and needs to be scooped.

Simple to use, affordable

Like all products on Essentially Natural, this is such a simple and in-expensive way to get easily create a homemade hair oil. Simply follow the recipes on the site or google and mix, and save hundreds of Rands.

Finally found a supplier after months of running around

I am so impressed with neat packaging and the product itself is fresh. I'm using it in sauces so therefore I'm very happy with the product. Thank you for the great n efficient service as well as the little gift...I felt so special.


Works well for the formulations you need them

Ph perfect

These strips do exactly what you need them to

Perfect for small batches

This glass beaker is perfect fir making small formulation batches....

Excellent all round

Excellent all round
..better than takealot or Amazon by far

Impressed with the tea

I’m loving the tea and it’s doing wonders for my skin I am glowing!!!

So happy

The quality is great, I have been using it on my sons leg. He fractured his Fibula.
He uses it directly on the skin and in the bath. Also known as Knitbone, with a silky feel its easy to apply and not sticky
Great packaging and quick service and delivery

So well written!

I managed to make my own body scrub from this book! It is so detailed and easy to follow!

Highly recommend!

If I had known about this ages ago I would’ve been able to resolve my hormonal imbalance so quicker. Cannot recommend it enough! There are teas that help with every health issue you can think of! I’ve been implementing them into my diet and I’m so happy!

Best for balancing hormones

I'm amazed at how fast it worked in less than a week of use. Used it few days before periods, no period pains at all. I usually have a shorter cycle but it changed in those few days. Works efficiently in balancing hormones. It's a must have.

Spearmint leaves

Works within few days of use, my skin acne is better.Highly recommend it

Refreshed skin

I have mature skin and have been using it after applying my moisturiser. Has a 'soft' texture and my skin feels and looks more hydrated. I love it

Vegicap Capsules Size 1
Leonie Viljoen
Definitely recommend

Love this for my powdered homegrown herbal remedies
Highly recommend

My go to

My go to lavender essential oil
Great value for money
Use a drop or two on my pillow every night

Star Mica

The mica powder is a must for hand bar that I make. It just gives an extra wow to the bars.

Love to add it to the product.

Quality of Ascorbic Acid not clearly stated

During the recent purchase of Ascorbic Acid (AA) I had to ask in an email, what the quality of the AA was, because the website does not state what quality it is. I received a reply from a sales person (who might have been a chatbot) stating that it was BP quality and that I could request a quality document from Essentially Natural (EN) for the AA. I have a problem with this. Nowhere on the website does EN state it is BP quality. Why not? Nowhere on the label of the AA does it state it is BP quality. Why not? Why should I have to email EN to find out the quality? Why should I have to request a document (after purchase) that could easily not apply to what is in the tub of AA that I bought? I am concerned that EN is too scared to state clearly what they are selling, and if this is true, then that might be because EN is not always putting BP quality into the tub and want to keep a legal escape route. If I was selling top quality BP grade chemicals, that would be the selling point, and I would make sure that the grade was clearly stated in the advert and on the tub label (to elevate it above food grade chemicals). The delivery was very quick. Well done on that.

Dear Howard,

Thank you for your feedback regarding the ascorbic acid product. We appreciate you taking the time to share your concerns, as it allows us to improve our product information and customer experience.

Regarding the quality grade of our ascorbic acid, we did clearly list that it is BP grade under the 'Benefits' section of the product page. We have now also updated the product title to include same.

Additionally, we provide the Certificate of Analysis (COA) and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for the ascorbic acid. These can be downloaded directly from the product page. These documents serve as verification of the product's quality and specifications.

We understand your concern about wanting to have the quality grade clearly stated, and we strive to be transparent about the products we offer. Please be assured that we have no intention of misrepresenting the quality of our products or providing anything less than what is advertised.

Going forward, the team will not only provide support as promptly and efficiently as possible but also point to where the information is displayed on the product page.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team. We are committed to providing high-quality products and ensuring our customers have access to accurate and complete information. We are also all very human. :)

Many thanks and kind regards,


Great for hormones

A great tea to balance hormones. Can be served hot or cold.

Super Immune booster

Best to make a tea from it. 2 table spoons in 1000ml or 1 liter hot boiling water. Let it steep overnight and decant into a glass bottle. Drink 125ml twice a day for best results. It's very bitter, so add some honey if you can. Dn't use of you on Blood thinning meds, Cancer bush is a natural blood thinner.

T/Dr Martin

No more Stress

Improves sleep and helps with stress. Using them in 500mg Capsules at night.

Hair Grow!

Using it in our Hair Treatment serum with CBD and other oils, Best seller! PS. Don't use on dreadlocks, it will detangle... :(

Natural preservative

We use Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) Powder as a preservative in our food products, no more mold on the edibles.