The Essentially Natural Family

Essentially Natural was founded in 2014 by cousins Jan and Vicki, with the aim of putting themselves back in charge of what they were putting into and onto their bodies, and into the environment.   

They strove to provide a platform for all the wonderful natural products they discovered, in the hopes that others would be inspired to also live more natural and sustainable lifestyles.

Now, 9 years later, the Essentially Natural family has happily swelled substantially. Our initial goal remains the same and we're still striving to do simply that: to offer you the best in natural cosmetic ingredients, aromatherapy, dried herbs, equipment, eco-friendly packaging and more.

But we've also learnt a lot along the way and so we have shifted our goal posts forwards. Our very strict ingredients policy guides us, and you, in terms of the types of ingredients we believe in and sell. You can read our Ingredients Policy here. Natural and non-toxic shouldn't be an alternative, it should be the norm, and we're doing our best to make it so.

One of our pillars is ingredient transparency and honesty, so we will always declare everything on the label.

We have significantly expanded our environmentally friendly packaging options, because the outside is as important as the inside when it comes to sustainability.

We are making huge efforts to support more causes we believe in, both social and environmental; we've been given great opportunities and it's simply our duty to pay it back and pay it forward.

We've also researched, experimented and tested out hundreds of recipes using all our natural ingredients, to make everyday products that are good for you and good for the environment. We've made all this information and all our recipes freely available to you here in our Resource Centre.



Support local community initiatives and ethical, fair trade practices.

Source all our products in South Africa - to us, being proudly South African means supporting local industry.

Believe in sharing information and constantly learning.

Believe in honesty and transparency in our relationships with our customers.

We only sell products we use and believe in ourselves.