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About Essentially Natural

"I am so proud to present our ‘alternative’. And since you are here I hope that you'll find something that reflects a shared value, passion or interest. I hope that here you'll find the inspiration to live in truth and kindness, to yourself and our planet. I hope that here you'll find the ultimate power of choice."

We care about what the labels say not only for our own wellbeing but that of our environment. The terms ‘natural’, ‘organic’, ‘zero-waste', 'plastic free’, ‘do-it-yourself’ are not just catchphrases, but about harnessing that which is pure and natural, non-toxic, harm-free: that which is simply good, and that can safely be returned to the earth.

We're putting ourselves back in charge of what we put in and on our bodies, and in turn back in to the environment. We're on a journey of heightening our awareness. We're letting go of what don't need, being mindful and making conscious choices; in turn, we offer that which is essential, natural and honest. 

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