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    200ml Amber Glass Generic Bottle with Atomiser Spray - Black (28/410)

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    Amber glass generic bottle, complete with black 28/410atomiserspray pump.

      Spray Top Generic Bottle (Compl.) Size Chart
      • Our wide range of glass bottles, glass jars and aluminium tins are available to purchase as single units, or in bulk.

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        Why we love them: beautiful and practical, whether you’re blending oils or serums, creams, lotions or balms, sprays or mists, washes for face, body or hair, we offer a packaging solution for any need or occasion.
        Our packaging is made from high quality, readily recyclable glass and aluminium, and any plastic parts such as caps are made from pharmaceutical grade LDPE.
        However, hardly any type of packaging is going to be 100% sustainable and environmentally friendly. This is the trade-off of safely packaging products and having different kinds of functionality, such as pipettes - which can’t really be made out of any other material.
        For us, sustainability is a direction of travel; we constantly strive to be better and do better for our planet. All of our packaging is entirely reusable and we encourage you to keep your glass bottles, jars and aluminium tins in the loop by reusing and repurposing them – have fun and be creative!

        • Brown, or amber, bottles offer better protection from harmful ultraviolet radiation for its contents
        • Atomiser sprayer creates a light, even spray that covers a reasonably large area which allows oneto apply the product with better control and less mess

          Because some essential oils have the potential to clog the atomiser spray, we don’t recommend using these spray tops with essential oils unless well diluted.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 17 reviews
      Great quality and love the look!

      Love the bottle and the quality is great!

      Cap leaks

      Screw cap does not fit bottle perfectly and leaks if bottle is shook or not held upright.

      Doré B.

      Love the bottle. Exactly what I wanted

      Lovely product

      Lovely product

      Zanele M.
      Great quality

      Great quality bottle

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