Make Your Own Herbed Salt

Make Your Own Herbed Salt

Make your own gourmet herbed salt - a perfect entertainer’s gift!

Making spice and salt blends is as easy as mixing them all together and doing a few rounds of taste testing to make sure you like the final product. Making a gourmet herbed salt also has room for some creativity - don’t be scared to veer away from traditional flavours and try something new!

How To Make Gourmet Herb Salt

You can use  Himalayan salt or Atlantic sea salt, and you can use fine or coarse salt or even a mixture of both for texture.

1 part salt to 3 or 4 parts herbs of choice is a general rule of thumb when making a herb salt, but feel free to play around and adjust the ratios to your desired taste. Some may prefer more herbs so that the flavours really shine. 

mortar and pestle makes for easy mixing, blending and grinding.

We have a whole  category for herb salt ingredients, with lots of different herbs and condiments that play well in a salt. Play around with different herb combinations and see what inspires you.

These are all great for chicken and meat dishes:


Crush black pepper





Chili flakes

Cayenne pepper




But why not try something different? We have a huge range of dried herbs so the combinations are endless!

Hibiscus Salt

Hibiscus has a lovely tangy flavour and is great on fish, chicken or even in cocktails/shooters where a pinch of salt enhances the taste. Add a dash of lemon and pepper and you have a stunning dish/beverage.

Buchu Fynbos Salt

Buchu has an interesting minty, blackcurrant flavour and scent, which lends well to fish, chicken, tomato salsas and lamb dishes.

Lemon Balm Salt

Lemon balm works well with parsley and garlic, and adds some oomf to chicken dishes.

Seaweek Salt

Bladderwrack kelpAtlantic kelp and  Irish sea moss are all highly nutritious and can be added to culinary salt for a burst of flavour. Seaweed flavours aren’t for every dish, but if you are doing fish or Asian flavours they can lend well! These pair perfectly with Atlantic sea salt.

Fennel Seed Salt

Toast off the  fennel seeds to bring out their flavour, and combine with chili, pepper, coriander and lemon. Add to curries and other fragrant dishes.

Package your salt in a  shaker/grinder or a jar for ease of use, and decorate with a label and a  mini wooden scoop. Enjoy!

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