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Essentially Natural

Essentially Natural Diatomaceous Earth - Food Grade

Essentially Natural Diatomaceous Earth - Food Grade

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This premium food grade amorphous Diatomaceous Earth is 100% natural and high in trace minerals and bioavailable silica. It's tasteless, smooth and can be easily consumed with water, juice or in a smoothie.

Our Diatomaceous earth is available in two different grades: food grade (safe to take internally) and non-human food grade (can be used around the home or garden).

Sizes: 200g, 500g or 1kg.

This product is certified: Vegan, Food Grade, and Beauty Without Cruelty.

INCI: Diatomaceous Earth
  • Used to help fight the effects of aging
  • To improve digestion and help with more regular bowel movements
  • Can be used in DIY toothpastes, skin exfoliators, skin scrubs and polishes
  • Used to build a stronger immune function and protection from illnesses
  • Makes for a cleaner home, free from parasites, bed bugs and viruses
  • For dogs and cats, cleaner skin and protection from fleas
  • To build stronger bones and is a great addition to an osteoporosis treatment plan
  • 100% natural
  • Sun-dried and highly purified to produce the best possible quality
  • Improves bone mineralization, protects joints and improves ligament health
  • Enhances skin protection from free radicals
  • healthier-looking skin, hair and nails
  • Detoxifies the body by eliminating intestinal parasites & colon cleansing
  • Improves the body’s use of calcium
  • Take one teaspoon of with water or juice once a day. Preferably on an empty stomach an hour or two before or after eating
  • It's best to drink another cup of water after each dose. In fact it's best to drink lots of water with DE and stay hydrated
  • The dosage can be increased after a few weeks, to two doses, one teaspoon taken in the morning and one at night
  • It's better not to use DE continuously for very long periods of time, but to rather give your body breaks. Two weeks on, two weeks off, seems to work for a lot of people
  • DE doesn't dissolve in water and it’s normal to see some gritty residue, which is why some people prefer to mix with yogurts or smoothies.

Packaged in food-grade resealable paper pouches.

Diatomaceous Earth (Premium Food Grade)

Ingredient transparency: data sheets or COA available on request, or log in to view.

As with any detoxification method you might at first experience some mild side effects as your body releases stored toxins. Flu-like symptoms, such as mild headaches and tiredness, are not uncommon, but they should diminish as your body cleanses.

Keep well sealed and store away from children, animals, moisture, sunlight and heat. If pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult with your medical care-giver before use.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Excellent Product

A little bit of diatomaceous earth goes a long way. After a week of internal and external use, my hair, skin, nails and energy levels show incredible differences. Wow! Forever grateful for coming across the knowledge of DE and having access to this product. Thank you for the excellent service, EN!

Wisani S.
Great product

My husband has some dark patches on his forehead for almost 15 yrs( related to fungi), we've tried a lot of stuff which was not working. He started to use it as a face mask for a week and it clearing the dark patches and he is so happy. I had a problem of candida also and it works like a magic.

Darelle M.
Diatomaceous Earth

I ordered 2 x 1kg diatomaceous earth & 2 days later the parcel was delivered to my door... excellent service!
Very pure & good food grade product.. I'm a very happy customer!
Thank you.

Eldrien J.
Amazingly versatile

This works better than Broadline etc. Cats are much happier. Plus I'm using this in my garden to protect the veggies. Also keeps ants out of my house. And also drinking a teaspoon once a week. Tastes like sand but I honestly feel healthier and lighter. This stuff is amazing!


It never disappoints. Just love it