Winter Must-Haves for Health and Beauty

Winter Must-Haves for Health and Beauty


Winter has officially arrived and we are blessed with a myriad of natural products to turn our homes into a havens of health and beauty. We’ve compiled a list of our favourites for the winter month of June - natural products to keep you healthy and at your best!


Set the Ambience

Himalayan salts in various forms are wonderful additions to any room in the home, including your bathroom, where warm, moist air can really complement the salts to create a detoxifying and relaxing space. There’s nothing better than having a warm bathroom with a spa-like ambience, air rich in ions emitted from Himalayan mineral salts. Add Himalayan bath salt chunks to your bath and enjoy a soak and light the Himalayan salt tea candle holders which emit a soft, warm light. You can soothe away pain in muscles with the Himalayan salt massage stones, which can also promote relaxation, good sleep and a sense of calm.



A gentle face cleanser is essential for winter skin. Either try our gel cleanser, oil cleansing or a pH balanced face wash. My personal favourite at the moment is a coffee bean oil gel cleanser which is a skin wake-me-up, smells great and is ultra gentle.


Coffee Bean Oil Gel Cleanser

50ml jar

¼ -½ tsp xanthan gum

½ tsp vegetable glycerine

Water as required

2 drops Euxyl 940

1 tsp jojoba oil

1 tsp argan oil

10-15 drops coffee bean oil

Blend the xanthan gum and the glycerine together until a smooth paste is achieved. The glycerine helps ‘hydrate’ the gum and makes working with it easier (ie. fewer lumps to squash out). Prepare some water which you will add to the paste by mixing it with two drops of Euxyl 940. I find blending the water and preservative first helps get it well dispersed for maximum coverage against fungi and bacteria. Drizzle the water little by little over the paste, blending constantly. Using an immersion/stick blender works well here. Continue adding water and blending until you are happy with the gel consistency. Add the gel to the jar, then add the oils. Blend together well. To use, wet your face, scoop out a small amount of the cleansing gel and massage into your skin. Then rinse off with warm water and apply your usual skin routine.


A hydrosol and  vegetable glycerine combination skin spritzer to combat dry winter skin is an absolute must-have, especially if you are prone to dry skin. Glycerine is a natural humectant, drawing moisture from the air to keep your skin protected from winter dryness while hydrosols are excellent skin moisturisers, rich in anti-inflammatories, vitamins and antioxidants.

Rose & Glycerine Spritzer

To make the spritzer, blend the following together in a spritzer bottle

50ml rose water or another hydrosol of your choice

1 tsp vegetable glycerine

Shake well to combine and spritz on after cleansing your face in mornings and evenings. My skin is loving it!


We love this Velvet Hand & Body Cream from the Mother’s Day Collection as a body moisturiser. It is non-greasy and oh-so-lovely for skin. If you don’t want to blend up your own cream, we stock a natural cream base to which you can simply add your own oils and essential oils. We also stock a vegan cream base without beeswax. In winter time it is important to keep up a good skincare routine as our skin often needs some extra TLC in cold conditions.


After showering at night, apply a luxury oil serum to your face to wake up to a youthful glow and soft skin. Check out some recipes for serums here, and make sure to keep rosehip, pomegranate and squalane oils on your bathroom shelf. Squalane deserves special mention because we love it so much! It is a lightweight emollient that soaks into your skin quickly and easily. It prevents moisture loss and keeps your skin soft and supple. Apply 3-4 drops warmed in your palms to your face and massage in before bed. I started using it a few weeks ago and have noticed a definite improvement in my skin.


Try this beautifying and anti-aging serum with squalane and our customer-favourite oil, red raspberry:

Silky Marula and Raspberry Serum

30ml pipette bottle

15ml squalane

5ml red raspberry oil

5ml marula oil

1 drop Vitamin E oil

Combine all ingredients together and pour into the bottle. To use, massage about 3 drops of your serum into your skin after using a water based cleanser or hydrator (rose floral water is beautifully hydrating).


Health and Wellness

Astragalus root tea is one of our top recommendations for boosting the immune system! It is now winter and with the season comes an increased onset of germs. Boost your immune system with the pleasant tasting astragalus herb - it helps boost white blood cells which fight off illness, improves the functioning of our immune system and may even have anti-cancer benefits.

Add 1 teaspoon of astragalus root to a mug and fill up with boiling water. Allow to brew for 5 minutes then sip.


Olive leaf tea is another potent natural remedy for colds and flu, chronic fatigue, and viral and bacterial infections. It is rich in antioxidants and promotes well-being and a strong immune system. Sip on it while soaking in the bath with a book.


Make sure you have a couple of adaptogen essential oils in your bathroom cabinet. Adaptogen oils adapt according to your needs, stimulating or relaxing your body according to what it requires in the moment; they are Nature’s ‘smart’ oils. They are essentially balancing oils, helping to balance bodily and nervous systems. If you have specific ailments, check out our Health A-Z encyclopedia for a range of natural remedies to suit your needs.


Lavender is a well known adaptogen oil for its calming, restorative and healing properties. But did you know geranium, clary sage, lemon, lemongrass, sandalwood and myrtle are also adaptogens? Clary sage is particularly good for women while myrtle is ideal for children because of its mildness.


A diffuser or oil burner is on our must-have list because of its usefulness. Burning or diffusing an essential oil creates a lovely calm space, clears the mind and can help clear passages for those suffering from congestion, flu or sinus issues. Add a few drops of Breathe Easy, Stress Relief or an essential oil of your choice. Burning an antibacterial oil can also help cleanse the air of germs, and assist in fighting and preventing germs for all who breathe it in. A burner or diffuser is a lovely addition to any room, and very handy!


Turn your home into a wellness sanctuary this winter with Essentially Natural.