DIY Bath Salts

DIY Bath Salts


An easy and oh-so-lovely gift idea is homemade bath salts. With healing and detoxifying Epsom Salts and mineral-rich Himalayan salts plus stunning oils, it makes for a gorgeous gift that will leave the bather enveloped in a soft cloud of roses. Going into winter, the occasional bath is a real treat but if you are water-conscious these salts can be used as a foot soak instead.

The recipe below is easily customisable and you can simply double it for a larger batch. You should never have to purchase bath salts again - making your own is too easy!


Classic Bath Salts

200ml glass jar

Roughly ½ c Epsom Salts

4 T baking soda

Small handful of Himalayan coarse salt - adds a beautiful pink flare

10-15 drops essential oil of choice - I love rose oil but try any of your favourites.

2 T Jojoba or argan oil - both fantastic skin oils

Dried rose petals for a special touch

Fill the jar just over halfway up with Epsom salts. Then fill it the rest of the way with baking soda, a small handful of Himalayan salt and some dried rose petals. Stir through so the mixture is evenly dispersed. Then add in about 10-15 drops of rose oil or other essential oil and 2 tablespoons of jojoba or argan oil. Stir well so the mixture is like that of slightly damp sand. Put the lid on and store in a dry place. To use in the bath or in a foot soak, scoop out a few small handfuls of bath salts and enjoy a relaxing soak.


Try a variation: Coffee lover: substitute the argan or jojoba oil for hazelnut oil and the rose oil for coffee bean oil, for a divine coffee hazelnut experience. Or just substitute the rose oil for any other essential oil of choice; try clary cage, chamomile, lavender, geranium, jasmine or mandarin.

Substitute the dried rose petals for other dried flowers such as lavender blossoms, chamomile flowers or jasmine flowers to match your chosen scent.