Winter Essential Oil Blends

Winter Essential Oil Blends

It feels like just the other day I was creating some autumn scented essential oil blends to match the season, and now we’re in the thick of winter already. Time to get out the essential oils to match the season!

Winter scents tend to be more muted than those of the other seasons, but they are still beautiful. Woodsy and foresty scents come to the fore, and these have richer base notes, often with a sharper medicinal top note. Base notes are typically grounding and harmonising scents, wonderful in yoga and meditation, as well as in home and office spaces, to help you feel more present, relaxed and anchored.

Give these essential oil blends a chance to fill up your space with beautiful winter aromas!


This is reminiscent of a walk in a pine forest - a little sharp and spicy, a little sweet and fresh. Thoroughly enjoyable!

3 drops  black pepper

3 drops  pine

3 drops  grapefruit


Winter Holidays

Smells like mom baking cookies, with a hint of freshness from the cold outdoors.

3 drops  pine

2 drops  cinnamon

3 drops  orange

2 drops  ginger 


A warm, crackling fire.

4 drops  frankincense

3 drops  orange

2 drops  cinnamon

Bacteria Buster

This blend is packed with some of the greatest antibacterial and antiviral oils, plus eucalyptus and rosemary also help with easier breathing - perfect for warding off any winter sniffles!

2 drops  cinnamon

3 drops  lemon

2 drops  clove

1 drop  eucalyptus

1 drop  rosemary

How To Use Essential Oil Blends

The easiest way to get the benefits of essential oils is to diffuse them into the air. Do this by burning them in a  ceramic oil burner, adding to an ultrasonic diffuser, or adding to a steamy bath. You can also dilute them in a carrier oil and massage into your skin.

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