Aloe Daily Moisturiser

Aloe Daily Moisturiser


This is a classic daily moisturiser that is just the perfect amount of hydration for the skin. It is non-greasy, absorbs fast, and leaves the skin feeling great for hours afterwards.

The Montanov 68 is a specialised emulsifier that acts as a moisturiser and provides moisture to the skin for hours after application. It prevents trans epidermal water loss in the skin, which is a great property to have in a face cream, especially in the drier winter months.

Avocado butter adds some deep moisturising and consitioning properties.

And actives of aloe vera, D panthenol, Vitamin E and niacinamide really boost the formula.

Give it a try!


Aloe Daily Moisturiser

Water phase

23.55%  aloe vera

50% heated water 

2%  glycerin

3% niacinamide

0.25%  xanthan gum

Oil phase

14%  avocado butter (you can also do 7% avo butter and 7% oil)

3.7%  Eco E wax

1.5%  Montanov 68 MB

0.5%  Vit E oil

Cool down

1%  Geogard 221

0.5%  panthenol


Melt the oil phase ingredients together in a beaker. While they are melting, make a slurry with the xanthan gum and glycerine, then stir in the heated water and niacinamide. Once the oil phase is melted through and has reach about 70-75 degrees, bring the water phase up to a similar temperature, then add the water phase to the oil phase and homogenise until an emulsion forms. Blend in the aloe gel and and then stir by hand until cool down. Add in the cool down phase ingredients. Decant into a pump bottle or jar and enjoy!

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Yes i will let you know how it turned out. I will use mango butter, as i don’t have avo butter yet. Thanks a lot!!


Hi Ruanda, you can try substituting the xanthan gum for guar gum and you can try Emulsifier HP 30 or Olive M as a substitute for the Montanov. I haven’t tried these substitutions before so let us know how it goes!


I want to make your recipe for the moisturiser, but the montanov 68 MB are out of stock at the moment and also the eco wax. Any alternatives that i can use?


Hi. Can i use guar gum in this moisuriser?


Hi Vee, yes you probably could. It may change the final absorbancy a little as shea butter is much more greasy than avocado butter. But give it a give and let us know!