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    June 04, 2020 3 min read

    Body & Bath Oils

    We’re all struggling with dry winter skin, and what better way to add in some moisture factor than in your bath or shower time - when your skin is warm and pores are open to receive the nourishing oils.

    Initially I was keen on making a foaming shower oil, like the ones you can buy in the shops but with natural ingredients. However the surfactants need to have certain properties such as to be able to foam in a water free environment. This makes sense as a shower oil is an oil based product. I tried my formulation with the surfactants we have and you do get a small amount of foam action when lathered up in water, but I wasn’t happy enough with the end result to publish it. So we will stick with plain luxury oils made into a post-shower application product, or you can add them to your bath water for an indulgent soak. The recipes are super quick and easy to make and the end results make for stunning gifts too.

    The Oils

    For bath oil products, because some of the oil will be lost in the water, we prefer to go with carrier oils that are cost effective yet still really good for skin. Grapeseedalmondapricot kernelsafflowerrice branhemp oilcaprylic/capric triglyceride and avocado oils are all great choices here. But you can absolutely use any oil of your choosing. 

    For body oils, all the product will be going directly on your skin so you can go a bit more high end with your oil choices if you desire. We still like sticking to a good, hard working base oil such as almond or safflower, and then adding in some fancier oils for that ‘something extra’. Try adding in some coffee bean oilaloe oiljojobaprickly pear seed oilmoringa, or tamanu oil into your body oil for a touch of luxury.

    Adding essential oils to your body and bath oils makes the experience therapeutic and you can customise your scent.  We really like these combinations:

    Ylang ylanggrapefruit and geranium

    Vetiverchamomile and sandalwood

    Bergamot and citrus oils




    Bath Oils

    Bath oil = carrier oils + essential oils. It’s really as easy as that!

    Basic Bath Oil Recipe

    30ml capric caprylic triglycerides

    30ml almond oil

    30ml safflower oil

    A few drops of Vitamin E oil

    5ml essential oils of your choice

    Add everything together in a bottle and shake gently to combine. To use, pour out a little into your running bath water then soak and enjoy.

    If you like, you can try adding OliveM 300. This will make the oil soluble in the bath water.

    Water Soluble Bath Oil

    40% OliveM 300

    60% carrier oils of your choice

    A few drops of Vitamin E oil

    A few drops essential oils of your choice

    Add everything together in a bottle and shake gently to combine. To use, pour out a little into your running bath water then soak and enjoy.

    Body Oils

    You can customise your body oil according to your favourite oil, or do a combination of oils, or you can even choose an oil that suits your particular skin type or if you have a skin problem such as eczema. 

    70% carrier oil base such as almondgrapeseed or safflower oil

    30% carrier oil(s) such as jojobacoffeebaobabargan, etc

    A few drops of Vitamin E oil

    A few drops of essential oils of your choice

    Add everything together in a bottle and shake gently to combine. To use, pour a very small amount into your palm, warm in your hands then massage all over skin. You will be surprised how little oil goes a long way! Use just enough to moisturise your skin and also sink in. Don’t use too much oil or it may come off on clothing.

    Body and bath oils make the perfect gift, either to yourself or a loved one.

    SHOP THE TOP INGREDIENTS: capric caprylic triglyceridesgrapeseedjojobaVitamin E oilOliveM 300, and vetiver essential oil.

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    September 18, 2020

    Hi Boitumelo, we are a retailer only, sorry


    September 18, 2020

    Do you offer wholesale prices for Bath and body oils?


    June 22, 2020

    I’d love to purchase some of your products

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