Herbs To The Rescue! Hangover & Overindulgence Cures

Herbs To The Rescue! Hangover & Overindulgence Cures


At this time of year we all like to indulge a little more in celebration of the year ending and the festive season arriving. Friends and family are on holiday and the social gatherings can be stressful, the alcohol flows and the foody treats abound - the aftereffects all of which can manifest in various forms of physical discomfort. Thankfully Mother Nature has got us covered with herbal remedies for everything from hangovers and bloating to social anxiety and sleep. 


Herbal teas are one of the best ways to treat symptoms of over-indulgence. The hot water of the tea raises the body’s temperature, helping to boost circulation and essentially cleansing the body (think of the body as a dirty dish and the hot tea as the hot dish water). The addition of botanicals to hot water super-charges this simple remedy with all of their power. Another benefit of herbal teas is that they are fast acting. See below for our remedy checklist:



Ginger - not everyone likes or finds ginger tea effective, so you may find it easier to add this powerful, spicy root to smoothies or food to disguise the taste. But if you can drink the tea, add a dash of honey to sweeten then sip and enjoy. Ginger is anti-inflammatory and stimulates the blood flow and metabolism, which in turn helps to detox and rid your body of toxins.



Rosemary tea is an excellent headache reliever and detoxer. It can also improve the mood, reduce inflammation and boost the immune system - perfect for the morning after a jol!

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory and pain relief benefits, and also helps liver cells to repair themselves - which after knocking back one too many drinks is just what is needed. Make yourself a turmeric latte instead of reaching for the coffee pot.

White willow is considered the original aspirin and can help with pain associated with headaches, cramps and inflammation.



Whether from eating a bit too much, eating foods that are different from our norm, or too much alcohol consumption, our digestive system is sure to take extra strain during the holidays. Help it out with herbal remedies.

Fennel is a great herb for aiding digestion. It also helps to relax the stomach and clear gas and bloating. Drink lukewarm fennel tea throughout your day.

Meadowsweet is a European and Icelandic remedy for digestive upsets such as cramps, nausea, diarrhea, bloating and gas. It is also anti-inflammatory, inhibits bacteria growth and stimulates the immune system.

Peppermint boasts a double whammy of being excellent for digestion, and is also great for perking you up and clearing the mind, improving focus and concentration. Peppermint tea is pleasant tasting and cooling.


Calming & Anti-anxiety 

The holidays can be a tad stressful. One of the best herbal teas for this is chamomile.

Chamomile is renowned for its calmative effects. Anxiety and stress are often part of social and family gatherings, so stay calm and drink your chamomile tea!


Sleep It Off

Valerian root is a well known natural sleep aid. It is calming and relaxing and works quickly to help put you to sleep.

Hops is another herb that is calming and promotes sleep. 

Chamomile is also excellent at calming and preparing the body for sleep.


Now that you’ve treated all the symptoms, it's time for a detox! There are numerous botanicals which can assist the body in expelling toxins and repairing any damage caused by holiday indulgences.


Liver Damage & Detox

Milk thistle is an excellent liver repairer and protector. It helps repair a damaged liver and protect liver cells.

Stinging nettle is another well known liver detoxer and blood purifier and is rich in vitamins and minerals. It can also be taken after illness to help recuperate. 


Toxin Remover & Cleanser

Parsley tea helps flush out harmful elements, promotes digestion, improves the appearance of skin and can assist the liver. It is also full of vitamins and minerals.

Dandelion is another excellent natural detoxer and blood cleanser. Despite being a common weed, dandelion is actually extremely beneficial for everything from detoxing, digestion, and anemia, to inflamed eyes and heartburn. 


Caffeine Boost

Try reaching for a cup of  green tea instead of coffee the next morning. Green tea still contains caffeine, but has the added benefits of antioxidants which help protect and rid the body of free radicals caused by alcohol, smoking, pollution and chemicals.

If you don’t have the botanicals on hand, you can apply the essential oils to your temples. Rosemary and peppermint essential oil are particularly good for a headache and foggy brain. The  Essentially Natural Hangover Helper is an excellent blend packed with oils to clear the hangover. 

Have a very merry festive season!