Cosmetic Trends For 2024

Cosmetic Trends For 2024

Happy new year everyone!

Every year in early January, we release our cosmetic trends for the year, which helps inform us and you on trends in the skincare and haircare industries, ingredients and products to look out for, and where you can capitalise if you are a business owner. 

If you would like a quick recap on 2023’s trends, which as we will see are still very much relevant, please click here.

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2023 was an interesting year, which saw the meteoric rise of viral trends on social media platforms, particularly TikTok. An instance of this was the ‘castor oil for just about everything’ trend, which saw castor oil rocket up to be one of our bestselling ingredients for the entire year.

Viral trends won’t be going anywhere in 2024, and certain others are here to stay too. But there are also some new trends to look out for. Let’s dive in.

2023 trends that will continue to grow in 2024:


Sustainability has been steadily growing over the last years, and 2024 will bring even more focus on transparency, evidence to support sustainability claims, emphasis on the whole supply chain, and of course a major contributing factor, packaging.

Sustainable packaging, refillable packaging, recyclable options, and a general trend of ‘less is best’ will continue to be a strong theme in 2024.


Essentially Natural is well poised to continue our founding principles of transparency and honesty in everything we do, as well as our commitment to continuously striving for increased sustainability.


Scalp Care

Continuing on from hair and scalp care trends of 2023, scalp care will grow even more in 2024. The scalp is a part of our skin, but has the added complexity of hair, so it really is vitally important to give it some TLC.

Look for efficacy data from ingredients when formulating scalp and hair care products.

Following on from scalp care, natural hair care, and ingredients such as shea butter and Jamaican black castor oil will continue to trend. The hair care industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of the greater cosmetic industry, and the last few years have seen massive growth and customer buy-in for natural hair care products.


Microbiome Skincare

Microbiome skincare also continues to grow and become the norm in 2024. As we have all learnt, the microbiome is an important factor in overall skin health. If you aren’t formulating for a healthy microbiome then you should rethink things!

Body Care

In the past there has always been way more emphasis on face care products then whole body care products, but things changed in 2023. The rest of our body’s skin is just as important and deserves the same treatment we give to our faces. Use actives in body care products too, they’re not only for the face.


Skinimalism encourages a minimalist approach to skincare, and makes use of multipurpose products, as well as fewer, but more high quality, effective products. By using fewer products, there will be less waste and less packaging, which overlaps the sustainability trend as well.

We also touched on menopausal skincare and holistic skincare.

2024 Trend Report

Ok so now that we’ve recapped 2023’s trends and seen that most are continuing into 2024, let’s see what else 2024 has in store for us.

Wellness-driven Beauty

In 2023, we dipped our toes into holistic skincare, and this trend continues with an emphasis on wellness-driven beauty for mental well being, making you feel good, and simplified rather than complicated routines. Wellness beauty has a focus on the mind-body connection, and a streamlined routine. In our hectic world, few really have time or mental capacity (or finances) for a complicated 12 step routine. Minimalist products that are multipurpose yet effective come to the fore. Fewer products also ties into the continuing sustainability trend of less waste, less packaging and less is more. There is a shift towards mindfulness and well being, and quality over quantity.

Quiet Beauty

Like the 2023 trend of ‘quiet luxury’ in the clothing and jewelry spaces, quiet beauty is all about high quality ingredients and products, simplicity and efficacy. Customers are willing to pay slightly more when there is an air of exclusivity, luxury and high quality about the product. The quiet beauty trend also ties into the wellness beauty trend mentioned above.

Low Maintenance, ‘hangover beauty’

Hangover beauty is a trend that points to products that you can fall asleep in without your skin getting clogged up, is easy to maintain, is fun, and has a wellness aspect to it. It’s simplified yet hardworking, perfect for those who lead busy lifestyles.

There is an increasingly personalised view of beauty care: skin and hair care that is for the individual and not a generic one size fits all.

Personalised scent options, and finding your signature scent as a way to express yourself may also trend.

Viral social media trends will continue to inspire. Last year castor oil had its time in the spotlight; who knows what this year will bring, but be prepared!

As the ‘skin cycling’ trend took off in 2023, there may be a counter trend geared towards soothing and hydrating ‘overly processed’ and tired skin. Skin can get irritated and the skin barrier may be compromised from constant use of actives and retinols, so there may be an increased need for soothing milks and balms that are deeply hydrating and nourishing.

Of course this ties in strongly with 2023’s continuing trend of protecting and repairing the skin barrier.

Haircare continues to expand, with particular emphasis on scalp care. There will be a focus on natural and sustainable haircare products, repairing and moisturising ingredients, vegan friendly ingredients, and the use of actives in hair products.

Key Cosmetic Ingredients In 2024

Ingredients that protect against epigenetic factors such as environment and lifestyle stressors: bisabolol, vegetable keratin, Vitamin C and other potent antioxidants, Co enzyme Q10, algae ingredients such as chlorella and sea moss, and various antioxidant-rich botanicals such as green tea and others.

Retinol alternatives - bakuchiol and azelaic acid.

AHAs for chemical exfoliation, rather than physical exfoliants.

High performance ingredients that have been tried and tested: hyaluronic acid and niacinamide.

Vegan proteins such as the ones we offer.

Other ingredients of interest:

Mushroom extracts



Peptides, amino acids

Fermented ingredients

Algae ingredients: chlorella, Irish sea moss, kelp

Polysaccharides such as beta glucan

Products Of Interest In 2024

Hard working overnight formulations that do the work while you sleep, so minimal effort on the user’s part;

More natural and hydrating haircare formulations, as well as scalp care products;

Hair serums;

Soothing, hydrating and barrier repairing products such as skin and hair milks and balms;

Multipurpose products;

Highly effective products with high concentrations of actives that get great results but are minimalistic.


We can't wait to see what unfolds in the cosmetic industry in 2024!



About the author:

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