The Skinimalism Trend


This blog goes hand in hand with our previous blog on  minimalist and multipurpose products, so be sure to give it a read.

Skinimalism is a minimalist response to the extended skincare routine, which has been very popular in recent years because of K Beauty, which uses up to 12 products in a routine, celebrity/influencer skincare routines using loads of different products (which they are paid to promote), as well as company marketing tactics (because they want to sell you more products).

Multi-step routines can be nice to do as it’s a whole practice, so if you are someone who destresses and really enjoys the skincare routine process then go for it. But it can backfire; layering lots of products can clog up pores or even harm the skin’s delicate microbiome.

Plus, how do you know which products are working? Additionally, it is expensive and time-consuming.

Skinimalism on the other hand, is fairly cost effective in comparison to the hefty price tag of multiple products, and is way quicker than a multi-step routine.

Skinimalism is all about using fewer, but high quality products, in order to achieve the same results as a multi-step routine.

You can also adhere to a more minimalist skincare routine much more easily and consistently than a routine with tons of products. 

What do you need to achieve a skinimalist routine? Products that hydrate, repair and protect. 

A minimalist skincare routine can be pared down to the bare essentials. A cleanser, an active-packed serum or product that targets a skincare issue, a moisturiser or oil, and SPF is all that is really needed. However it is important to note that one person’s essentials may not be considered essential by another person. For example I have dry skin so I don’t always use a cleanser, most of the time I only wash my face with water. But I don’t wear a lot of makeup - if you do then a cleanser would be a non-negotiable.

Many ‘skinimalist’ products are also multipurpose. It’s what makes them minimalist yet still effective.

The Cleanser

The cleanser can be an oil cleanser, foamy cleanser, clay cleanser, cream cleanser etc, and often this product will be a multipurpose product: eg. cleanse, exfoliate, tone and remove makeup; or a clay cleanser powder can act as a cleanser and a facial mask.

The Serum

You can tailor your serum to your skin’s needs: water or oil based, and containing specific actives to target any skin issues you may have. I use a serum (mostly water based) religiously in the mornings and evenings. I find a serum is really my ‘base’ that hydrates my skin, and then I top it off with a moisturiser. If you just go straight in with a moisturiser after cleansing/toning it just doesn’t feel right. My skin definitely needs its little hydrating cocktail!

If you are an ulta minimalist, you may even use your skin serum as a scalp/hair serum (scalp is skin too, and also needs love!). This makes a serum a multipurpose product.

The Moisturiser

A really good moisturiser is vital to optimum skin health. You want one that will nourish and provide enough moisture, but then also seal in the hydration, so it should contain an emollient such as a butter or wax (but it shouldn’t feel greasy or heavy). 


SPF is not something that we generally encourage people to make at home. Proper SPF’s are clinically tested for efficacy and this is important to prevent sun damage. 

Try to go for a high SPF of at least 40-50 for good protection.

Skinimalist Formulas

Simple Cleansing Oil

An emollient rich cleanser that doesn’t strip but rather leaves the skin feeling moisturised and soft. It can be used to remove makeup as well so it is multipurpose.

15% OliveM 300

84.5%  capric caprylic triglycerides or another oil of choice

0.5% Vitamin E 

Weigh the ingredients, then combine everything in a beaker. Mix well and pour into a serum pump bottle.

Use to cleanse the face: massage a few pumps into skin then rinse off with warm water.

Skin & Scalp Serum

This lovely weightless serum has a careful balance of emulsifier, water, oil and actives to keep it at a liquid consistency. It is perfect for use on the skin and scalp and packed with ingredients that are good for both.

Phase A

2.25%  Emulsifier HP 30

14.75%  hemisqualane or oil of choice: try  argan or  broccoli,

0.5%  Vitamin E 

Phase B

0.5%  panthenol

79% water or botanical infusion such as sea moss gel.

Phase C

2%  hydrolyzed protein

1%  Geogard 221

Weigh out Phase A and B ingredients into separate beakers. Heat each one thoroughly to around 75C, then add Phase A into Phase B and blend with high shear using a stick blender for 2 minutes until homogenised. Allow the mixture to cool down below 40C then add in the Phase C ingredients and blend. Decant into a pipette jar.

To use on hair: fill the pipette and decant into parted hair, then massage into the scalp. I like to use it on wet hair for best results.

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