Minimalist & Multipurpose Products

Minimalist & Multipurpose Products

Minimalist and multipurpose products are one of 2023’s trends, and we’re totally here for it!

While multipurpose products are certainly not a new concept, they are gaining popularity every year. They're a way to simplify life, and get the most out of a product. If you're a minimalist, they're ideal.

You don’t need to use multiple products for multiple functions - we have been taught this by the marketing tactics of companies who want us to buy lots of products. Products with very similar ingredient lists have been re-bottled and re-marketed as different products for different purposes, when really they are very similar, technically speaking.

Not only are multifunctional products better for our wallets, they are also better for the environment. Think of all the packaging you will be saving if you purchase a multipurpose product! Multipurpose products will also save you tons of space in your cupboards.

There’s nothing I personally like more than one product for multiple uses. It’s low maintenance, cheaper and easier. I've used my hair shampoo as a body wash and face wash for years.

Here are some of our favourite multipurpose products, plus some ideas on how you can streamline, get the most out of your products and also save money by cutting down on multiple ingredients and rather using multipurpose ingredients:


Face & Body

Whipped soap: it is gentle enough to use as a face wash, scrub (just add something exfoliating to it), a hand or body wash, shaving cream, general cleaner, even a shampoo. Whipped soap is one of our favourite multifunctional products. I took it on my overseas trip last year - one small tin lasted me the whole time and it saved space in my luggage as I didn’t need to pack multiple products! I used it as a face and body wash, shaving cream and hair shampoo. It was the perfect traveling companion.

Micellar water acts as a gentle makeup remover, as well as a cleanser and toner.

Plant oils for makeup removal as well as moisturisation. A beautiful plant oil can work extremely well as a makeup remover (even for stubborn or waterproof makeup), and it can also nourish and moisturise your skin. A perfect 2-in 1!

Clay powders can act as a cleanser and facial mask. Clay is a cleansing and lightly exfoliating product, so it’s ideal to use as a very gentle facial cleanser. But it’s also the main ingredient in a facial mask. Neat!

2-in1 scrub and face wash. A facial polish/scrub and a face wash can be one product if you add a little  surfactant to your scrub, or a little  exfoliant to your face wash. 


Combine your hand and body wash - it’s essentially the same product just with different marketing terms. Make up a big batch of hand/body wash and then decant into different bottles to place in the shower, at the basin and by the kitchen sink. We have formulas for both  hand wash and  body wash - choose one and use it for both purposes!


You don’t really need a specialised eye cream if your moisturiser is already doing the job. Eye creams are really just souped up moisturisers - and your moisturiser should already be packed with wonderful ingredients. So there’s really no need for an additional product.

General Purpose Cleaners

Castile soap is one such product, used worldwide for its multipurpose cleaning abilities. Some people also use it as a body wash and shampoo.

Surfactants are one of my favourite multipurpose products. They are used in everything from household cleaners, to hand wash, body wash, shampoo, and any bubbly, cleaning products. They are versatile and easy to use. You can make up a simple cleaner by combining a surfactant with some water, a preservative and some essential oils. Add it to a trigger spray bottle for your household cleaning, to a pump bottle for use in the shower, and to a foam bottle for a hand cleanser or gentle foaming cleanser for the face.


Other multipurpose cleaners which are great for around the house:

Washing sodaboraxcitric acidbaking sodalemon essential oil and  tea tree essential oil.

We have loads of great recipes using those ingredients in  these free ebooks.


Scented Sprays

You don’t need a different product for scented body sprays, pillow/linen sprays, bathroom or room sprays. They are all basically the same product, just marketed differently. You can make your own natural scented sprays from recipes  here.

As you can see, there are many ways to streamline your various home and care products down to just a couple of really hard working and really effective ones.