Essential Oil Blends For Autumn

Autumn Essential Oil Blends

Autumn is a beautiful time of the year when the air gets a little chill and everything seems a little crisper. We’ve made up some warming and evocative essential oil blends to match the season. Think citrus hues and spices from cinnamon, frankincense and black pepper, and the warm sweetness of vanilla - perfect for autumn!

Autumn Scented Essential Oils

Citrus oils:  orangebergamotlemon

Spices:  cinnamoncloveblack peppercardamomginger

Woody:  frankincensecopaiba balsamcedarwoodpine

Floral:  patchouli

Sweet:  vanilla

Fresh, herbaceous:  rosemaryeucalyptus



2 drops  ginger

2 drops  cinnamon

1 drop  vanilla

Cinnamon Cookie

3 drops  cinnamon

2 drops  vanilla

Autumn Air

3 drops  orange

2 drops  lemon

2 drops  cedarwood

Cinnamon Spice Blend

2 drops  orange

2 drops  cinnamon

1 drop  clove

1 drop  vanilla

Wellness Blend

Highly fragrant and restorative!

3 drops  orange

1 drop  clove

2 drops  cinnamon

1 drop  eucalyptus

1 drop  rosemary


2 drops  orange

1 drop  patchouli

1 drop  cinnamon

1 drop  black pepper

Fresh Cut Wood

3 drops  lemon

2 drops  juniper

3 drops  cedarwood

1 drop  patchouli

Goodby Summer, Hello Autumn

2 drops  fennel

3 drops  grapefruit

2 drops  pine

2 drops  lemon

How To Use Your Blends

Essential oils blends can be diffused into the air via a  diffuser or burner, or added to products such as air freshener, linen spray, bathroom spray, soaps, shampoos/body wash, you name it!