Sweet Almond Oil, The DIY Staple

Sweet Almond Oil, The DIY Staple


Often overlooked because it is not a ‘fancy’ oil, sweet almond oil is actually one of the most versatile DIY ingredients and offers great skin benefits. It is also extremely cost effective and you will not be sacrificing too many skin benefits by using it instead of a pricier oil. Sweet almond oil makes a fantastic base oil for numerous cosmetics and DIY products, and you will find it listed as an ingredient in many of the popular conventional cosmetic products available in the shops.

Sweet almond oil has a long history, dating back to ancient Egyptian times where it was prized for its skin benefits. It has also been used in Ayurvedic and ancient Chinese skin care. Sweet almond oil, pressed from the almonds that we enjoy and eat, is specifically used for its skin benefits, while its cousin, the bitter almond, is used for its scent and for making almond flavourings.

Almond oil is one of the best carrier oils to use in aromatherapy and massage. It is light and easily spreadable, and rich in Vitamin A, D and E as well as Omega 3 fatty acids and the minerals zinc and potassium. 

Sweet almond oil is perfect for those looking for a fuss-free, cost effective but highly beneficial skin care product. It can be used on its own on face or body, or blended with other oils or in a formula. It is so gentle that it can be used on babies and young children too. Keep reading for all of sweet almond’s benefits!


In Skincare

Sweet almond oil can be applied directly to skin, and makes an ideal moisturiser after showering, to lock in moisture. It treats dull and dry skin and has been used in ancient Chinese, Greco-Persian and Ayurvedic practice to treat dry skin, eczema and psoriasis. After consistent use you will find your skin will not be as dry and tight, but more supple, soft and beautiful. 

Almond oil is a great anti-ager. It can help decrease fine lines, wrinkles and saggy skin. It can help fade stretch marks over time and softens the skin to prevent future stretch marks, and can also help with UV damage to skin.

Almond oil is recommended to alleviate dark circles around the eyes and puffiness, due to its antioxidant properties.

Almond oil is an all rounder when it comes to evening complexion, improving skin tone and helping the skin look fresher, brighter and younger. Add it to your DIY formulations or use it straight out of the bottle. It really is a must-have in your DIY cupboard and skincare routine.


In Makeup

Almond oil is a great make up remover and is ultra gentle, plus your skin will get all of its benefits while cleaning.

Almond oil is great for chapped and dry lips. Carry some almond oil in a roller bottle and use that instead on a chapstick. Your lips will feel moisturised and soft in no time.


In Haircare

Almond oil is a popular ingredient in hair care and just a few drops applied to hair strands will improve shine and split ends. It can also help get rid of flakes and dandruff by moisturising the scalp.

Almond oil makes a great hot oil treatment - simply warm up some almond oil along with a little argan and castor oil for a great hair treat.



Almond oil is an ideal substitute oil in just about any DIY formulation (except maybe ones where you want the specific benefits of another oil). This means you can typically substitute almond oil for any of the carrier oils listed in recipes without breaking the recipe. Keep in mind that the final product may not be as ‘fancy’ or have the particular properties of the omitted oil.

Here are a few really simple but stunning recipes using almond oil to try.

This body oil is ultra moisturising and ideal to use now that the colder weather is drying out our skin. The inclusion of OliveM 300 gives this oil some water solubility, meaning that if you just step out the shower and then apply this body oil to your wet or damp skin, it will turn into lotion! It can also be used on dry skin though, as OliveM 300 is a great emollient in itself. I’ve left the amounts in percentages so you can scale the recipe up or down according to your needs.


Almond & Raspberry Body Oil

70%  almond oil

20%  raspberry seed oil, apricot kernel or jojoba oil

10%  oliveM 300

0.5%  benzoin

0.5%  vitamin E oil

Simply combine all ingredients together and add to a bottle. Use daily.


Rejuvenating Facial Oil Blend

55%  almond oil

35%  rosehip seed oil

5%  raspberry seed oil

5%  squalane

0.5%  vitamin E oil

A few drops of lavender for fragrance, or another essential oil of your choice

Blend everything together and add to a  pipette bottle. To use, squeeze out some oil into your palm, warm in your hands then massage into your face. 


Warning: don’t use almond oil if you are allergic to nuts.


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