Peppermint-Crisp Body Cream

Peppermint-Crisp Body Cream

Picture this: you, with skin as soft as a cloud and a scent as refreshing as a spring breeze. This Peppermint-Crisp Body Cream is packed with ingredients that'll make your skin sing. We love it for its delicious-smelling cocoa butter, and minty green aroma and colour!

Sweet Almond Oil: The superhero of hydration, sweet almond oil swoops in to save the day, leaving your skin feeling nourished and oh-so-smooth.

Cocoa Butter: Like a warm hug for your skin, cocoa butter cocoons you in moisture, keeping dryness at bay and leaving your skin feeling velvety soft.

Peppermint Oil: Ah, the invigorating scent of peppermint! It's like a mini spa day in a jar, refreshing your senses and putting a spring in your step.

Ready to hop into action? 


Water Phase (60%):

45% Distilled water
10% Aloe vera liquid-gel
5% Vegetable glycerine

Oil Phase (30%):

15% Sweet almond oil
10% Cocoa butter
5% Emulsifying wax

Essential Oils (3%):

2% Peppermint essential oil
1% Spearmint essential oil

Colour (6.5%): 

6.5% Apple green mica powder

Preservative (0.5%): 

0.5% Geogard 221


  • Prepare the water phase by combining distilled water, aloe vera gel, and glycerine in a heat-resistant container.
  • Stir well and set aside.
  • In a separate heat-resistant container, combine sweet almond oil, cocoa butter, and emulsifying wax to create the oil phase.
  • Heat both phases separately using a double boiler until the oil phase reaches around 70°C).
  • Once both phases are heated, slowly pour the oil phase into the water phase while stirring continuously.
  • Continue stirring until the mixture emulsifies and thickens. Allow the mixture to cool down to around 40°C before proceeding. Stir well to incorporate.
  • Next, add the mica powder and the essential oils to the mixture, stirring until the colour and scent are evenly distributed.
  • Finally, add the preservative and mix thoroughly to ensure proper preservation of the product.
  • Transfer the body cream into clean, sterilized containers and allow it to cool completely before sealing.


Ways to incorporate Peppermint-Crisp Body Cream into your skincare routine:

Bunny Hop Massage: Grab a dollop of body cream and treat yourself to a bunny hop massage. Use gentle, circular motions to massage it into your skin, from your toes to your nose. It's like a dance party for your skin!

Bunny Ears Moisturiser: Don't forget those bunny ears! Apply a pea-sized amount of body cream to your ears and give them a little massage. They'll be as soft and velvety as, well, a bunny's ears!

Egg-cellent Foot Treatment: After a day of hopping around, your feet deserve some love. Slather on some body cream and slip on a pair of cozy socks. Wake up to baby-soft feet that are ready to hop into action once again!

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