Soothing and Protective Balms & Creams

Protective Balms & Creams

With colder winter air and change in seasons rolling in, our skins can take a bit of a buffering. Protective creams containing specialised ingredients, and soothing balms to protect our microbiome and seal in moisture are all the rage right now, and for good reason.

These kinds of protective and soothing products fit in well with this years’ cosmetic trends of the  microbiomeskin barrier, and  multipurpose products.

To make protective, soothing and moisture-retaining products, you’re looking for various ingredients to fortify your formulations. Think richer, more occlusive butters, botanicals with healing and soothing properties, zinc oxide, and protective actives.

Here are some of my top picks:


Calendula/marigoldburdocklavenderrooibos and  chamomile


Shea butteravocado butter, plus fatty acids like  cetyl alcohol


CalendulasunflowergrapeseedVitamin E, and infused oils


Bisabololallantoinarrowrootchamomile essential oil and  lavender essential oil

I originally made this cream for a friend’s children, who were struggling with eczema. Give it a try!

Eczema Cream With Zinc

Heated Oil Phase

4%  OliveM 1000

2%  cetyl alcohol

5%  shea butter

4%  zinc oxide

13.5% oils:  calendulagrapeseedsunflower or  infused oils 

0.5%  Vitamin E

Heated Water Phase

68% infusion:  lavenderrooibos and/or  chamomile

Cool Down Phase

1%  Geogard 221

0.5%  chamomile essential oil

0.5%  Bisabolol

1%  allantoin



pH test strips or pH meter


Stick blender

Glass jar

In a beaker add all the oil phase ingredients and melt through. While that is melting, prepare your water phase infusion or ‘tea’ by steeping the botanical(s) in freshly boiled water and then straining out all plant matter.

When the oil and water phases are both around 75 C, pour the oil phase into the water phase and homogenise with a stick blender for a minute or two until the emulsion has formed. Stir by hand while it cools down, then add in the cool down phase ingredients and mix well to incorporate.

Test and adjust the pH if required to around 5.5.

Decant into a glass jar.

Soothing and anti-irritation balm - apply post-shave, on itchy bites, eczema, dry skin, you name it.

Chamomile Balm

40%  avocado butter

55%  oil of choice

4%  arrowroot

1%  chamomile essential oil




Weigh out the avocado butter and oil into a beaker and melt through. Once melted, add the arrowroot powder and gently whisk it in so no lumps remain. All the balm to cool further before adding the chamomile oil. Pour into a tin to set up.

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