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    Escentia Products

    Escentia Camomile Roman Essential Oil - Standardised

    Roman Chamomile oil has analgesic properties that are useful in easing pain in sore muscles and joints; and also for the treatment of headaches, toothache and neuralgia. Chamomile has a long tradition of easing anxiety, tension and fear. Its small, daisy-like white flowers are used in herbal medicine to cure insomnia and it's very soothing aroma is said to give patience and helps allay worries.

    Sizes: 11ml, 22ml, 50ml,100ml, 500ml.

    • INCI: Anthemis nobilis

      • Popular treatment of symptoms for PMS and menopause, when related to stress
      • May help irritable bowel syndrome
      • Stimulates immune system
      • Antiseptic and antibiotic
      • Used to ease chilblains
      • Used to soothe an 'irritated' scalp and in treating of dandruff
      • Known to nourish hair and scalp

      Use in soaps, bath salts, bath oils and massage oils

      Soothing Chamomile Under-Eye Roller

      1 roll on bottle

      4 drops Roman chamomile essential oil

      1 tsp xanthan gum gel - see here how to make it

      3 - 4 tsp aloe vera gel

      2 drops hyaluronic acid (optional)

      Mix the gel and aloe vera gel together in a beaker until smooth. Then blend in the chamomile essential oil. Pour the gel into your roll on bottle, pop the cap on tightly and use as needed by gently rolling and massaging into the skin under your eye area. Read more on our 

      For the Throat Chakra (Vishudha), choose essential oils that balance the emotions and improve communication & self-expression. When your emotions are in balance you are more able to accept your limitations, thus promoting spiritual patience. Any of the camomile oils German (Blue), Roman or Cape will suit this purpose. Peppermint and/or eucalyptus are helpful for clearing sinuses and thereby clearing communication channels.


      100% pure Roman Chamomile essential oil(Anthemis nobilis).


      Can irritate sensitive skin. Spot check first.

      Essential oils are highly concentrated plant essences. The ingestion of essential oils is not recommended without prior advice from your health care practitioner. Dilute in a carrier or base when necessary. Read our quick guide: Essential Oils

      Standardised essential oils are produced to achieve a standard scent, whereas a single species essential oil may vary in scent because it is an individual plant species that can naturally vary with season, rainfall, soil quality, geography and a variety of other factors. Standardising the scent by combining multiple species is a method of producing an oil that will always be similar in quality. Standardised oils can therefore be quite beneficial when scent reliability is required.
      Standardised essential oils are pure essential oils which have not been diluted, filled or altered in any way. The only differentiating factor between standardised essential oils and others is that multiple variations of plant species are distilled.

      This natural product is for external use only. Please exercise caution and do not ingest or take internally. Store away from children, animals, sunlight and heat. If pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult with your medical care-giver before use.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Angela C.
    Escentia Camomile Roman Blend

    Fabulous fragrance - used it in a body scrub with lavender and camomile flowers paired with lavender oil.

    My new favorite oil

    It has such a soft and delicate pretty scent, really love it. I'm using it to make my own face cream.

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