Spring Bath Bombs

Spring Bath Bombs

Continuing with our Spring theme, today we’re sharing a simple recipe for Spring Bath Bombs: beautiful scented bath bombs that pop with colour and release flower petals as they fizz!


There are almost endless variations on bath bomb recipes, and it's hard to say which is the best. However the most important thing to note is that bath bombs generally require a 2:1 ratio of baking soda to citric acid. Add a little liquid to activate the mixture and you will essentially have a bath bomb.

But we like to add in some other ingredients as well: a bit of cream of tartar helps harden bath bombs and makes them easier to mold and unmold; a touch of oil gives some softing and moisturising properties; micas add colour, and essential oils give beautiful scents. You could also add something like  SCI to make it extra foamy, or add some  Epsom salts or other kind of salt in place of some of the baking soda. Plus all kinds of ‘toppings’ like  cocoa butter icing, or dried flowers, mica sprinkles etc. There are endless ways to get creative and make beautiful bath bombs!


Spring Bath Bombs

Dry ingredients 

375g  baking soda

188g  citric acid

28g  cream of tartar

Handful of  dried flowers of choice

Wet ingredients

30g  fractionated coconut oil or other liquid oil

Isopropyl alcohol (or you could try witch hazel) in a spritzer bottle

Mica for colour (optional)

Essential oil of choice: try rose or geranium oil with rose petals, orange oil with orange blossoms, jasmine oil with jasmine blossoms, lavender oil with lavender blossoms, or make up your own combination!


Bath bomb molds, or try a silicone mold

Isopropyl alcohol in a spritzer for molding

Combine the dry ingredients in a bowl. Then combine the oil, essential oil and mica (if using) in a beaker. Keep the isopropyl alcohol spritzer aside for later use.

You have two options to incorporate the flowers: either mix them straight into the bath bomb mixture, or you can place some in the bottom of the mold, and then they will appear on the outside of your bath bomb as decorations - you decide!

Drizzle the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients, and whisk well until combined. Scrunch some mixture in your hands. It should be the consistency of damp sand and should hold together. If it's still a bit dry, spritz some isopropyl alcohol into the mixture, mix well and try again until it holds.

Spritz a bit of the alcohol into your molds, then scoop mixture into each half mold until it overflows, and push the two halves together firmly to create a round. Tap the sides of the mold to release anything sticking, and then carefully remove each half of the mold. Leave your newly formed bath bombs to dry out for 2 days, then you can package it up or use it.