5 Minute DIY Gifts

5 Minute DIY Gifts

Need some stocking fillers and a little pressed for time? These little DIY wonders are all super fun and easy to make! They only take a few minutes to whip up, and require minimal ingredients and know-how. You can even get the kids involved to make their own gifts for friends.

Lip Gloss Oil

Who doesn’t love a little lip gloss? Keep those lips glossy, moisturised and summer-ready with this easy lip gloss oil.

8.5g  castor oil

1g  raw cocoa butter

0.5g  Vitamin E oil

Pinch of mica powder, optional

10ml roller bottle

You can go even more simple and omit the cocoa butter, but we love the scent and it adds a touch of viscosity.

Gently melt the cocoa butter and castor oil together, until the butter is fully melted. Stir in the vitamin E oil and mix everything well. If you are using mica powder, add it now and stir well. Decant into the roller bottle.

Notes: cocoa butter granules may start to crystalise in very cold weather, but it's perfect for summer.

Mica is not soluble in oil, but it is dispersible. If you find it settling to the bottom, just give it a quick shake up and it will re-disperse.

Lip Scrub 

A little lip scrub to go with that lip gloss? Sign us up for the combo set!

Grapefruit Sugar Scrub

15g  fractionated coconut oil

60g castor sugar

5g  honey

8 drops  grapefruit essential oil

8 drops  lemon essential oil

Glass jar

Option: you can substitute the essential oils used for different ones if you prefer.

Combine everything together and decant into a little jar. Yup, as easy as that!

To use: massage into lips for a few minutes. Rinse off and follow up with a moisturiser/lip oil.

Clay Face Mask 

Make up a clay powder mixture that requires the user to add in a little water or hydrosol to activate it - it's a fun interactive experience.

Making up a facial clay mask isn’t an exact science and there are no rules to what can be added. These ratios can be a guide:

60-70%  clay - use kaolin for sensitive skins or bentonite for more oily skins

30-40% fun additions:  oat flouractivated charcoalpowdered botanicals of choice (I used powdered amalaki, baobabrose petals and  orange peel, but try anything you like!), etc

Tin or glass jar

Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix thoroughly. Spoon into tins or jars and label or decorate it. 

To use: scoop out a spoon or two of the clay powder mixture and add just enough water or hydrosol to make it into a nice spreadable paste. Apply to clean skin and leave on for 10 minutes then rinse off and apply moisturiser.

Mini Bath Salts

It doesn’t get any cuter than a mini bottle of bath salts!

50ml clear bottle or you could use a  glass jar and  wooden scoop, or even a  test tube for a funky look

30g / ⅛ c  Epsom salts

5-10g  Himalayan salts 

5g / 1 teaspoon  baking soda

5g / 0.5-1 teaspoon of  carrier oil such as  almondcoconut etc

few drops of  essential oil of choice

Combine everything in a bowl until well mixed, then spoon into the clear glass bottle. Decorate with a little ribbon or string and a label for a cute mini gift.

You could double the recipe and make it in a 100ml glass jar for a slightly bigger gift.

Luxury Facial Oil with Rose Petals 

No one will believe you made this yourself!

Clear glass pipette bottle

Rose petals

Amazing oils for the face:  pomegranaterosehipmarulajojobaargan, etc

1 drop  Vitamin E oil

We like combining 3 or more oils together to make a beautiful facial oil blend. Choose at least three oils and combine them together in equal amounts in the bottle. Add in the Vitamin E oil and shake to mix it in, then drop in a couple of rose petals for an ultra luxury look.

Calming Anti Irritation Balm 

30g  avocado butter

2g  allantoin

A few drops chamomile essential oil 

30ml tin

Melt the avocado butter and stir in the allantoin. Stick it in the fridge for 15 minutes to solidify a little (don’t let it harden up fully), then stir in the essential oil. You can either decant as is into the tin, or you can whip the butter mixture to make it lighter and fluffier and then spoon into the tin, up to you!

Apply as an after shave, or to any areas of itchiness or irritation.

Hydrosol & HA Spritzer

This is one of my bathroom staples and it's the easiest hack to get your hyaluronic acid in without any fuss. Simply add 3 pipette-fuls of  HA to your 50ml  hydrosol, pop on a spritzer cap and shake well. Spritz on generously and enjoy the plumping and hydrating effect of the hyaluronic acid!

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