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    September 26, 2019 4 min read

    4 Ingredients or Less - Natural DIY, Simplified

    Lately we’ve shared many recipes with lengthy ingredient lists and fairly complicated instructions. For those who would prefer simple recipes with fewer ingredients, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this blog we share a few of our favourite easy recipes requiring just a handful of ingredients, and that take under 5 minutes to whip up. You can still make 100% natural and earth-friendly products with minimal fuss, read below for inspiration!


    Summer Freshening Up Roll On Blend

    The warmer weather may have us feeling a bit hot and sticky or drowsy in the afternoon heat, and this is where a freshening minty blend on comes in oh-so handy. Simply throw a few ingredients in a bottle and you have a refreshing and cooling remedy right in your handbag or pocket.

    1roll on bottle

    10 drops peppermint or spearmint essential oil

    5 drops basil

    2 drops camphor

    Almond or grapeseed oil (or any other scentless, light oil)

    Add the essential oils to the roll on bottle and fill up the rest of the way with your carrier oil. Shake to blend everything and use as necessary by applying to your neck, temples or under your nose.

    Easy Single-Use Bubble Bath Recipe

    Looking to whip up something quick and easy to give yourself a pamper and pick-me-up? Nothing beats a relaxing bubble bath. This single-use recipe takes 2 minutes to make and provides the most indulgent foamy bath!

    Here it is:

    1 heaped tsp lauryl glucoside

    1.5 T coco betaine

    1.5 tsp OliveM 300

    2 T grapeseed oil or other carrier oil of choice

    Optional: 10 drops essential oil of choice (I used clary sage)

    Simply blend everything together in a cup, then hold the cup under the running bath tap and let the bubbles flow!

    For more bath time bliss inspiration, including foaming bath bombs and more, read  Fun With Foam!

    Simple Sugar Scrub

    A good sugar scrub is one item I believe every shower should have. Gently exfoliating, wonderfully moisturising, packed with skin loving oils, plus super easy to make - what’s not to love!

    1 glass jar - I love this 200ml size (also comes in a black or white lid variety)

    Brown sugar or coconut sugar

    2 T avocado butter or other butter of choice

    3 T olive oil or other carrier oil of choice

    Optional: essential oil of choice

    Melt the avocado butter and olive oil together. Measure out an appropriate amount of sugar required to fill your jar, and add to a mixing bowl. Pour the avocado and oil mixture over the sugar and mix well. Add in your essential oil if using and blend, then decant into the jar. The mixture will set a bit, and then you can easily scrape out some with your fingers to use. 

    For more scrub recipes, read here: Luxury Body Polishes & Emulsifying Scrubs


    Charcoal Face Mask

    A simple cleansing and exfoliating mask to brighten skin, tone pores and help remove blackheads.

    ½ tsp activated charcoal

    1 heaped tsp kaolin clay

    ¼ tsp vegetable glycerine (optional but recommended)

    Dash of rose water to form a paste

    Mix all ingredients together in a small dish. Apply to your clean face with a soft brush or simply use your fingers. Leave on for 20 minutes then rinse off and apply a hydrosol and/or moisturiser.

    Read Mineral Clay Masks For All Skin Types for more fabulous mask recipes.

    Luxurious Night Oil

    I tend to alternate my nightly skincare routine between moisturising creams and oil blends. One of my favourite night oil blends contains just four oils in a pipette bottle and leaves my skin feeling absolutely fabulous in the morning. Of course you can use any of your favourite oils, but I just adore this combination.

    Here are the secret ingredients:

    pipette bottle

    Coffee bean oil

    Pomegranate seed oil

    Argan oil

    Jojoba oil

    I simply fill up the bottle with equal portions of each oil, shake to blend and voila! To use on clean skin (I use after showering at night), fill up the pipette and distribute on forehead, nose, cheeks/sides and chin, then massage in well.

    For more recipes on oil blends and serums, read up on Luxury Serums For Anti Aging & Problem Skin.

    Multi-Purpose DIY

    Multi-Purpose Mist

    This mist spray can really be used for anything - a freshening spritzer, room spray, hair mist, sleep mist, insect deterrent, you name it - just switch the essential oils according to your needs.

    spritzer bottle

    Enough witch hazel to fill the bottle up ¾ 

    1 T vodka (optional but does help the essential oils blend with the witch hazel and acts as a mild preservative)

    Essential oils of choice: try chamomile for a calming night spray, a blend of herby oils such as  rosemarybasil and thyme with peppermint for a refreshing mist for body or bathroom, rose and geranium as a perfume mist spray, or even citronellalemongrass and peppermint as an insect deterrent spray

    Add all ingredients to the spray bottle and shake well. Spritz as needed.

    For more recipes and scent combinations, read DIY Air Fresheners and Natural Insect Deterrents.

    Simple All-Purpose Cleaner

    5 parts water

    1 part lauryl glucoside

    Citric acid  solution to adjust pH

    Essential oils of choice: try lemonorangelemongrass and/or rosemary

    Blend the lauryl glucoside with the water, taking care to not create too many bubbles. Adjust the pH with a dash or two of citric acid solution (½ tsp citric acid dissolved in some water) and test with pH strips. Then add the essential oils and blend. Decant the solution into a pump or spritzer bottle and use as required. Wipe down surfaces well after use to prevent any soapy residue.

    For more natural and non-toxic cleaning recipes, check out DIY Natural Home Cleaning.

    Who says you can't DIY? With these simple recipes, anyone can!

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