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    April 04, 2019 4 min read

    Luxury Sugar and Salt Scrubs

    Scrubs are a wonderful, natural way of exfoliating the skin, scrubbing off old cells, improving circulation and cell regeneration and potentially helping fade cellulite. They are also easy to make, leave your skin feeling ultra smooth and exfoliated and make for beautiful gifts. Now that the seasons are changing, skin often needs a bit of extra TLC, and these body polishes are the perfect addition to your routine.

    Here are some very simple and easy to make scrub recipes for beginners. You will see that I love using avocado butter as the hard oil component because it just makes skin feel so soft afterwards, but you can use any butter. Try mango butter for its exceptional skin properties. You may also substitute any oils or add in any essential oils for scent if you wish.

    Luxury Rosehip Body Scrub

    85g  coconut sugar or fine Himalayan salt- substitutes can be brown sugar or sea salt

    40g avocado butter

    35g olive oil or other soft oil such as sweet almond, jojoba or pomegranate

    10g rosehip seed oil(if you want to use more rosehip and less other oils, simply adjust accordingly)

    2 drops vitamin E oil

    200ml jar

    Melt the avocado butter, vitamin E and the other oils you are using together then stir in the sugar. If you want it to be a slightly thicker scrub you can add in extra sugar. Spoon into a glass jar and use weekly. This scrub has a lovely orangey-yellow tinge from the rosehip oil, but don’t worry it won’t stain your skin!

    Some variations on the above recipe are:

    Coffee Cocoa Sugar Scrub

    Substitute the avocado butter, rosehip and olive oils for:

    Cocoa butter, coffee bean oil and almond oilrespectively. Add in some coffee grinds for extra exfoliation and a deeper scent.

    Choc Orange Scrub


    Cocoa butter for the avocado butter, add in orange essential oil for a stunning scent and dried orange peel for extra exfoliation. Keep the other ratios of soft oils the same.

    Lemon Poppy Seed Scrub

    Substitute the avocado butter, olive oil and rosehip oil for:

    Shea butter, safflower oil and 3g seabuckthorn berry oil, + 20 drops lemon essential oil and a few pinches of poppy seeds.

    Coconut Rose Body Polish

    ¼ c coconut sugaror brown sugar

    5 drops rose blend essential oil

    Small handful of dried rose petals

    Pinch of hibiscus powder

    1 T shea butter

    2 T coconut oil

    10g OliveM300 (optional, but helps the oils emulsify and turn ultra creamy on your skin)

    Melt the shea butter, OliveM300 and coconut oil together. Blend the melted oils with the sugar and stir in the rose essential oil and rose petals.

    Emulsifying Scrubs

    If you would like to try slightly more advanced and interesting twists on the simple sugar or salt polish, then try making emulsified scrubs. Emulsified scrubs contain, you guessed, an emulsifier, which turns the oil based scrub into a beautiful cream on contact with wet skin. And because the scrub now blends with water, it also becomes easier to wash down the drain. These recipes also contain stearic acid which gives them structure, holding the sugar or salt in suspension. You can of course substitute in any soft oils or hard butter and essential oils to make up your own scrub.

    Lemongrass and Mint Morning Salt Scrub

    Phase one:

    20g emulsifying wax

    8g stearic acid

    15g shea butter or avocado butter

    45g grapeseed oil or other light oil such as jojoba or apricot kernel

    2 drops vitamin E oil

    Phase two:

    40g fine Himalayan salt + 10g coarse Himalayan salt

    15-20 drops lemongrass essential oil

    5 drops spearmint essential oil (optional but I love it!)

    Melt all the Phase one ingredients together in a bowl in a hot water bath. Once melted, remove from the heat and stir occasionally as the mixture cools down. You can also put it in the fridge for 40 minutes to 1 hour to solidify. Once the mixture has set but is still slightly soft, stir in the salt and the essential oils, then beat with a mixer until whipped up and fluffy. Store in a jar.

    Scrub - to - Cream Exfoliating Blocks

    You can also make solid body scrubs. These scrubby blocks (depending on what shape mold you use) are harder nuggets of exfoliating goodness. You can use them to target your feet or body and they will melt readily into a cream on contact with wet skin.

    Phase one:

    5g Polawax or emulsifying wax

    4g OliveM300

    23g rice bran oil or another light oil such as sweet almond, grapeseed oil, safflower etc

    13g stearic acid

    4g cetyl alcohol

    Phase two:

    2 drops vitamin E oil

    35g white or brown sugar or coconut sugar + extra for sprinkling

    Optional: essential oil of choice

    Melt all the Phase one ingredients together in a bowl in a hot water bath. Once melted, remove from the heat and stir occasionally as the mixture cools down. When it is quite viscous, stir in the vitamin E oil and the sugar. Keep stirring until the mixture is thick enough that the sugar doesn’t settle out. Sprinkle some extra sugar in your molds, then pour in the mixture, sprinkling more sugar on top. Leave to set in the fridge for 20 minutes then carefully remove the scrub nuggets from the molds.

    Try experimenting by adding warming spices such as turmeric or cinnamon to your scrubs, which can boost circulation and have other skin properties. You can also play around with essential oil blends. Some examples are:
    Calming: lavender essential oilchamomile essential oil plus dried lavender blossoms
    Toning citrus: mandarin and grapefruit essential oils
    Herbal: basilrosemary and thyme essential oils. Use olive oil as the soft oil.

    We hope you have fun experimenting with sugar and salt scrubs - they're fun and easy to make and are the perfect little project for kids or beginner DIY-ers!

    2 Responses


    February 25, 2021

    Hi Faye, a preservative isn’t necessary here, however if you would like to include one you are welcome to. I would recommend using Euxyl 940 blend if you do use a preservative.

    Faye Gounder
    Faye Gounder

    February 25, 2021

    do i need to use a preservative for any of the above recipes

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