DIY Soy Wax Massage Candles

DIY Soy Wax Massage Candles


Massage candles are one of those brilliant inventions with a dual purpose, like shampoo that doubles as body wash, multi-tools and caps with built in headphones. Providing a soft, romantic candle light and wax that melts at a safely low temperature, you can simply scoop out some melty goodness and massage into your skin. My favourite way to enjoy a soy candle is to light it up, soak in the bath then massage the wax into warm, wet skin, locking in the moisture.


We have touched on soy wax massage candles in the  Natural Candle Making blog, but they really warrant their own article as a holiday gift! Making soy wax massage candles is happily rather easy. Massage candles make stunning gifts and you can add nearly any scent combination, spice or extras to the wax to really jazz it up. Recycle any pre-used glass jars or select one from this list  here. Tie on a ribbon, stick on a label and you have a fabulous gift.


These massage candles are vegan, using plant based soy wax, which also happens to be the safest wax to use on the skin as it burns so cool. It melts and pools easily, allowing for ease of use. Blend the soy wax with shea butter, mango butter or cocoa butter, or moisturising oils such as olive, jojoba, argan etc, to create an ultra nourishing massage blend.


Aromatherapy massage candles are a different take on traditional moisturising, adding an element of sensuality and ultimate pampering, whether used by individuals, couples or in a spa environment. The melted wax can be slathered over your whole body and even used as a moisturising lip balm.


Massage Candle Scent Ideas

As far as scenting your candle goes, just about anything is possible. Here are a few ideas:


Deliciously citrusy and toning

7 drops each of  bergamotgrapefruitlemon and  orange

 2 drops  jasminegeranium or  ylang ylang.


12 drops  rose

2 drops  geranium

2 drops  palmarosa or  sandalwood



3 drops jasmine

2 drops  black pepper

1 drop  ylang ylang


Spice It Up

You can add spices to your wax candle to create more fragrance and stimulate the senses. Many warming spices such as cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and pepper help boost circulation and will make for an interesting massage experience. 

To do this, add ¼ - ½ tsp of each spice to a  filter paper and tie it up at the corners to create a bag. Steep this in melted wax and keep on very low heat, just enough to keep the wax melted. Infuse the wax for a few hours, then remove the spice bag. Use the wax as normal.


Let’s make them!

Simple Soy Massage Candle

70ml  soy wax

30ml  shea buttermango butter or  cocoa butter

30ml  sweet almondjojoba oil or another oil of your choice. Coffee oil may be a nice idea, together with the cocoa butter option (and leave out essential oils)

½ tsp  Vitamin E

30 drops essential oil(s) of choice

Glass jar

Soy candle wicks


Fix the wick in place at the base of the jar by melting some wax and using a drop or two to stick the wick down. Alternatively, use a spot of glue. If the wick string is floppy, tie the end to a pencil resting across the jar opening so the string stays straight. You can also use more than one wick in your candle.

Melt the soy wax (and butter if using) in a hot water bath, then stir in the jojoba oil. Remove from the water bath and add the vitamin E oil. Leave the mixture to cool a bit and just before you pour it into your jar, add the essential oils (if you add them too soon, the heat may affect their scent). Pour the wax mixture into the jar, making sure the wick stays in place. Leave to harden and trim the wick if necessary. 

To use, light the wick and let some wax pool. Then scoop out some on your fingers or pour directly on skin, and massage in. Soy wax burns cool, but if you do find it too hot, blow out the candle and let the wax cool for a minute before using.


Don’t feel like making your own massage candles? We’ve got you covered with a whole range  here.