Preservative-Free Honey & Pink Clay Mask

Ready To Use Honey & Pink Clay Mask


Clay facial masks containing water or water-based substances such as hydrosol are typically very hard to properly preserve to keep, so we tend to make ours up as we need them. However there are some ingredients that you can safely add to a ready made mask that don’t require any preservation as they are self preserving. These include honey, glycerine, and propanediol. So provided there is no water in the system to introduce the possibility of microbial contamination and activate the clay, then you can safely make up a ready to use mask that can even be stored. Self care Sunday has never been easier!

We formulated our ready to use facial mask by including some great skin loving ingredients. Honey is brightening, and will leave your skin with a wonderful glow. It also has healing properties. Oat flour gives some gentle exfoliation and has soothing properties, while gorgeous pink clay lightly cleanses impurities and evens skin tone. We added some glycerine and propanediol for additional moisture and humectant properties, and as they are both self preserving we don’t need to worry about including a preservative.


Pink Clay & Honey Facial Mask

31%  honey

29%  oat flour

10%  pink kaolin clay

20%  glycerine

10% propanediol

100ml jar

Variations: if you don’t have oat flour, you could try  almond flour or  coconut flour.

You could substitute more honey for the glycerine if you like.

Ensure all your mixing bowls, utensils and the storage jar are sterile before you begin. Then weigh out all the ingredients and blend together until well combined. Decant into the jar.

To use, scoop some of the mask out with a spoon and apply to clean skin. You can brush it on with a mask brush or simply use your fingers to massage in. Rinse off after 20 minutes and follow up with a moisturiser as you normally would.

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Hi Mo, yes you are welcome to play around and adjust the ratios of the ingredients. I wouldn’t change the wet ingredients however. You can add in some SCI powder, just reduce from the clay or oats to make room for it.


Hi Julliet can l also add a bit of SCI for rinse off. Or if l do that l will then need to add a preservative?


Hie Julliet
I love this mask is it possible to add more clay and reduce oats flour. May be 15 or 20% clay


Hi Darsh, we haven’t had the formula tested for a shelf life, but I’d estimate 6-12 months when stored correctly.


How long can this be stored for?