Chai Spice & All Things Nice

Chai Spice & All Things Nice


There’s something so heartening about the warm, sweet and spicy scent of a chai latte in winter. We condensed this scent into an essential oil blend with some special oils and it's our new favourite essential oil fragrance blend! 


Chai Spice Essential Oil Blend

11 drops  cinnamon bark essential oil

11 drops  sandalwood essential oil

10 drops  black pepper essential oil

10 drops nutmeg essential oil

6 drops  vanilla blend essential oil

1 amber glass vial

Add all the oils to the glass vial and shake gently to combine. That’s it! Your essential oil blend is now ready for use. 

Add it to candles for a chai scent, diffusers, body lotion, body wash, etc.


Chai Spice Body Lotion

Lactic acid, when used in small amounts acts as a humectant and moisturiser. If your body lotion just isn’t doing it for you this winter then adding a little lactic acid may be just what your skin needs. Try this lovely (and super easy) body lotion with lactic acid, and of course we had to add some sweet and spicy chai spice oil blend for a winter scent.


97.5%  Escentia cream base

2.5%  lactic acid 80% (for a total of 2% lactic acid) 

Glass jar

A few drops of chai spice oil blend (recipe above)

Measure out the cream base into a 100ml glass jar. Stir in the lactic acid, then add the chai spice oil blend for a delicious scent. Mix everything well and your moisturising body lotion is ready for use.