Whipped Foot Scrub With Lactic Acid

Whipped Foot Scrub With Lactic Acid

I’ve been wanting to make a foaming foot scrub for a while now, but formulating a good recipe has actually been quite the challenge. Typical DIY scrubs are made with oils, butters and sugar or salt for the exfoliation. You’d think making a foaming version would be a simple matter of adding in a surfactant, but it wasn’t quite that easy. Because of the high oil content, my earlier formulations overwhelmed the surfactant and it ended up separating and not foaming at all. Not ideal! I had to lower the oil content considerably and find other ways to make up the bulk of the scrub.

We end up with a scrub made with the surfactants SCI and cocamidopropyl betaine for foaming and cleaning action, some stearic acid to help bulk it out and firm it up, and I included some lactic acid to help exfoliate and soften feet. Jojoba beads make up the physical exfoliant and a little mica and essential oil make it fun! We whip it up to make it soft and fluffy. The end result has a gentle cleansing, bubbly exfoliating action. It will be sure to please and even makes a great gift!


Whipped Foot Scrub With Lactic Acid

Heated Phase 1

15g  cocamidopropyl betaine

32g  SCI


Heated Phase 2

25g  vegetable glycerine

10g  stearic acid

12g  carrier oil of choice

10g  refined shea butter


Cool Down

15g water

3g  lactic acid

1g  Euxyl PE9010

Jojoba beads for exfoliation

200ml glass jar


Options:  mica for colour! You could even make a fun multi colored scrub, or match your colour to your chosen scent.

Essential oils for scent. Try refreshing peppermint or lemongrass.


First powder your SCI for ease of use. SCI has a very high melting point so we powder it and combine it with a liquid surfactant to make a paste and then melt that. The cocamidopropyl betaine also adds some gentleness to the formula.

Melt heated phase 1 together. Melt heated phase 2 together and then add 1 to 2. You may need to reheat the combined phases to get the SCI to fully melt. Stir well with a spatula in between melting to mix everything together.

Start adding the water and blend well to combine. As the mixture cools it may thicken up so you may need to add in a little extra water. Whip with the electric beater until fluffy, about 3 mins. Add the preservative, lactic acid, essential oil and mica (if using). Whip to combine then add in the jojoba scrub beads to make it scrubby. Decant into a tin or jar and use as required.