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Bubbles in the bath - endless fun for kids, luxuriously relaxing for the adults, everyone loves them. And now there are ways to make your own bubbly creations using natural surfactants instead of the sulfates and other nasties found in store bought bubble bath.

First up is the good old traditional-style liquid bubble bath. It is really as easy as blending gentle natural surfactants with water. Try this ultra gentle bubble bath suitable for smaller children. I’ve left the amounts in percentages so you can decide how much to make.

Gentle Kiddies Liquid Bubble Bath

65% distilled water

25% coco betaine, or a combination of coco betaine and decyl or coco glucoside

5% vegetable glycerine

1% Geogard 221 (preservative)

Essential oil of choice, try chamomile or geranium (optional)

5% citric acid solution to adjust the pH

Blend the surfactants together and add the glycerine. Add the preservative to the water, then add the surfactant mixture to the water, stirring gently. Blend in any child friendly essential oils and add in the citric acid solution to adjust the pH and you’re good to go. Add a dash or two of bubble bath to the running bath water and let the fun begin!

A simple alternative for adults which can be made 2 minutes before running your bath:

30ml  lauryl glucoside

15ml  OliveM 300

any essential oils of choice

In a cup, simply blend everything together - it will make a smooth paste. Run your bath and hold the cup under the tap until the mixture is used up. Let the bubbles flow!

Next up is a foaming bath powder. This can be made extra fun with the addition of colour. Have a look at DIY Natural Colourants for inspiration.

Foaming Bath Powder

70g baking soda

60g citric acid

50g powdered  SCI

30g cornstarch or arrowroot powder

A few drops of essential oil of your choice (optional)

You can adjust the quantities of this recipe to make your desired amount.

The SCI comes in flake form but you can easily power it in a grinder or manually by placing the flakes in a bag and then bashing them up with a meat tenderiser.

Mix the citric acid, baking soda,  arrowroot powder and SCI powder together in a bowl. To use, run a bath and throw a handful of the foaming powder in. Slosh the water around with your hands to develop the best bubbles.

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March 23, 2021

Hi Evelyn, yes we do deliver to Soweto :)

Evelyn Xaba
Evelyn Xaba

March 23, 2021

Good day. Iam interested in making my own bath bombs and soaps
Do you guys deliver to Soweto


August 05, 2020

Hi Lethabo, we are trying really hard to get in some molds soon! :)

Lethabo Siphesihle Simelane
Lethabo Siphesihle Simelane

August 05, 2020

Since you guys already have so many great stuff for bath bombs it would really make sense if you had bath bomb moulds it’s probably the only thing you guys don’t have cause you guys have so many stuff on here and are so great!

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