Quick Guide To Working With Mica Powders

Quick Guide To Working With Mica Powders


Micas powders are one of the recent additions to our store and they are super exciting! Now you can safely colour your products with a range of pearlescent colours that add shimmer and cheer.


Our synthetic micas are made from heavy-metal free mica and coloured with oxide pigments. Synthetic micas are nature identical to the mica found in the ground, except that by being produced in a lab they are actually far more eco friendly, safer, and of course not mined at all - so unethical labour practices are not a concern.


How are coloured mica powders made?

Mica is coated with titanium dioxide to create a shimmer effect. When light hits titanium dioxide it bounces off and gives a rainbow effect, in the same way light hitting a prism creates a rainbow. Depending on how many times the mica is coated, different shades can be achieved. A total of seven different colours (the seven colours of the rainbow) can be created, and then after that the coating layers create deeper shades each time. Depending on how coarse or fine the mica is, it will produce different effects, levels of shimmer, and colours.


What can I do with mica powders?

With  micas you can colour all kinds of products from soaps and bath bombs to body washes, shampoos, hand washes, and even makeup items like eye shadows, lip glosses, highlighters etc.


Are micas water soluble?

Our mica powders are not water soluble but they can lightly colour the water; the rest of the mica powder will fall out of solution.


Are they oil soluble?

Yes, our micas are oil soluble.


Do micas work in surfactants?

Yes! You can make wonderfully coloured bubbly products using surfactants and micas.


Do they work with isopropyl alcohol?

Micas are dispersible in alcohol but not soluble.


Can I use mica powders to colour bath bombs?

Micas are fantastic for colouring bath bombs as there are a range of exciting colours to choose from.


How much mica should I use in bath bombs?

Mica powders are extremely concentrated colours so you won’t need a lot! Depending on the amount of bath bomb mixture, start with ⅛ tsp and go from there. The more mica you add the stronger the colour will be.


Do micas leave a mark in the bath?

Without a solubiliser, micas can leave a ring as they are not fully soluble in water. So add a little solubiliser to your bath bombs to ensure the mica washes away easily and doesn’t stain the bath.


How do micas work in soaps?

Micas work perfectly in soaps and can create brilliant colours, patterns and swirls. Follow typical soap colourant guidelines when adding mica to your soap mixture.


How much mica do I need to use in soap making?

You can use up to 1 teaspoon of  mica for every kilogram of soap.

For melt and pour glycerine soap: blend the mica with a teaspoon of isopropyl alcohol and blend into the soap mixture.

For cold process soap: blend the mica into the oil you use to superfat the soap at trace.


Other product ideas that can include mica

Add a touch of gold mica to body butter or lotion to give your skin a shimmery, summery effect.

Add colourful micas to kid's bath and body products - they will love it.

Try making your own eye shadows by blending micas to achieve different shades.

Try making a tinted lip gloss or lip balm with mica powder as the colourant.


The cleanup process:

Working with mica powders can be a little messy as they are very fine powders and tend to go everywhere if you bump them or get some on your fingers. So wear an apron to avoid getting any on your clothes - they will still wash out if you do get a spill though. 

Cleaning up mica is simple. You can use any normal soap, dishwashing liquid or surfactant and it will easily wipe away the mica.


Now go off and have fun with coloured mica powders!

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Hi Judy, we have a few green micas! Check them out here: https://essentiallynatural.co.za/collections/mica-powders


I am interested in trying your mica colours. i need green – so either a blue and yellow mix or a green? do you do samples? i am Cape Town Based.

Judy Thomson

Hi, our mica powders are synthetic micas so they are produced in a lab and aren’t mined at all :) this makes them ethical and much safer as well as more environmentally friendly.


I’ve heard mica can be mined in dangerous conditions by children, is your mica mined ethically?