Summer Essential Oil Blends

Summer Essential Oil Blends

Summer is officially here and to welcome the new season we’ve prepared some beautiful essential oil blends that convey heady summer florals, energising citrus, and reviving herbals to beat the heat, uplift the mood and satisfy the soul.


Crafting essential oil blends is a very therapeutic process and we highly recommend getting out your essential oils box and inhaling deeply as you combine scents. You’ll find your mood elevating and anxiety melting away. It's also a lovely activity to do with children (under supervision), or friends, and of course essential oil blends make lovely gifts too!


To us, summer scents are floral, herbaceous, citrusy and fresh. 

The floral scents are of course all the flower essential oils such as  rosejasminelavendergeraniumpatchoulichamomileylang ylang, etc


The citrus oils include fruity oils like  orangelemonlimegrapefruitnaartjiemandarinnerolibergamotpetitgraincitronella and  lemongrass.


Herbaceous oils include  hyssopmarjorambasilcoriandersagefennelhelichrysumoreganopetitgrain, etc.


Essential oils that are undeniably fresh and invigorating are the mints (peppermint and  spearmint),  eucalyptus,  basil,   rosemary and  thyme.


As if meant to be the florals, herbs and citrus oils tend to blend harmoniously together, and we love building scent combinations with them!


Here are some simple summery essential oil blends to try:


1 drop lemongrass and 4 drops sweet orange - a citrus combination is always a good idea


2 drops jasmine and 3 drops lemon - tangy lemon tones the sweet scent of jasmine


2 drops basil and 3 drops lime - one of my personal faves for its ultra refreshing hit on the nose.


1 drop vanilla and 3 drops orange - smells like a sweet bakery!


2 drops lemon, 2 drops basil, 2 drops pine - like fresh cut grass


2 drops naartjie, 1 drop lemon, 2 drops bergamot, 1 drop peppermint - a sweet, citrusy summer breeze


1 drop spearmint, 2 drops cardamom, 1 drop vanilla - reminiscent of mint ice cream


1 drop lemongrass, 2 drops lavender, 1 drop eucalyptus - super green


1 drop citronella, 1 drop lemongrass, 1 drop tea tree, 2 drops geranium - Midsommer nights, and good for keeping mosquitos at bay!


To make your essential oil blends, simply combine all the oils in a glass vial and swirl to combine and meld them together. We like to let the scents meld together over a few days for a better experience. You can then use your blends in a multitude of ways: dab on your neck, diffuse into your spaces via burner, ultrasonic diffuser or reed diffuser, add a few drops to your bath water, use the blends in your DIY products for a unique scent, give as gifts, the list goes on!


To scale up the amounts, simply multiply the number of drops for each blend. 


Scents are also very subjective to the individual - we all smell things differently! So if you’d like to play around with the ratios of the oil blends to better suit your senses, you’re welcome to. There is no fixed rule for combining essential oils; it is purely about what smells good to us and resonates with us.


As you mix your essential oils, breathe deeply through your nose and see if you can identify the different scent notes and scent changes throughout the breath. It really makes it quite an experience!