Lash Cleanser

DIY Lash Cleanser

Did you know that you can make your own lash cleanser that is gentle and safe for eyes and lashes (and lash extensions)? This recipe is super simple, cheap for the quantities you can make from the base ingredients, and all natural.

Because this recipe is water based, it won’t mess with the lash glue. I’ve been testing it out on my own lash extensions for the last few weeks and it works perfectly!


Just three ingredients are all it takes to make a perfectly good lash cleanser: a gentle surfactant to cleanse, a pretty hydrosol to carry the surfactant  (and tone your skin at the same time), and a preservative to keep it all safe from bacterial growth.

DIY Lash Cleanser

10%  cocamidopropyl betaine

89% hydrosol

1% preservative such as  Saliguard BDHA


Bottle to store in

Weigh out all the ingredients into a beaker, and then mix together well. Pour into a bottle.

To use, wet a soft makeup brush with the cleanser and use to gently cleanse your lashes. Do one eye at a time, keeping that eye shut while you clean. Rinse well with water.