Easy Himalayan Salt Muscle Soak

Himalayan Salt Muscle Soak

Himalayan salt is much loved for its trace mineral content (which also gives it the distinctive pink colour). Himalayan salt is mostly sodium chloride (what we know as salt), but also contains calcium, potassium, magnesium and other trace elements. These elements are important for the body, helping to keep it hydrated, pH balanced and regulated.

We take magnesium supplements and drink electrolyte-rich drinks to replenish our bodies and muscles, but a mineral-rich soak in the tub can also help. This is where Himalayan salt and its trace elements come in!

Epsom salts is a form of magnesium, and since Himalayan salts are rich in minerals and salt, they are a perfect combination! We’ve included some lavender which has soothing, relaxing and pain relief properties, but feel free to use different botanicals and essential oils if desired.

If you have muscle pain and cramps, try a few drops of  wintergreen essential oil as it is a pain reliever. Please be aware that it is extremely potent however, so very little is required.

Other essential oils that work well include  lavenderrosemary and  camphor.

Make up your own muscle soak by following this simple recipe:

1 cup  Epsom salts

1 cup  Himalayan salt

½ cup  lavender blossoms, or other kind of botanical

Few drops of  essential oils of choice (optional)



Storage jar

Wooden scoop

Mix everything together and store in an airtight jar.

To use, add half a cup to one cup to your bath water and enjoy your soak.

As a follow up, you can massage oils such as comfrey and St John’s wort into your skin and muscles. These oils are excellent at relieving pain and also help with bruising, sprains, arthritis etc.