Easy Retinyl Serum

Easy Retinyl Serum

Retinoids are a class of Vitamin A derivatives and are used to treat photodamaged skin and slow down the breakdown of collagen in the skin. Vitamin A helps the skin rejuvenate and promotes collagen and elastin production by stimulating fibroblasts (the skin cells that produce collagen), making the skin appear firmer and more plump. You may have come across retinol or another Vitamin A derivative in various anti aging products. And now you can make your own!

While retinol is typically fairly harsh on skins, Vitamin A palmitate (or retinyl palmitate as it is otherwise known) is the weakest retinoid and therefore ideal for those with sensitive skins. When used in low concentrations it can be used up to every day without irritation.

Retinyl Serum

0.5%  Vitamin A palmitate

50%  squalane

49%  baobab oil

0.5%  Vitamin E

Pipette bottle

Weigh out and combine all ingredients in a pipette bottle, shake well and use as required.

If you have never used a retinoid before, it is recommended to introduce it slowly to your skin by using it once a week and then building up from there. You may then use it 3 times a week, up to every day, depending on how your skin takes it. Every skin is different so you will need to find the usage that works best for you!

Variation: feel free to substitute one or both of the carrier oils used for your favourite(s).


It is advised to apply SPF daily when using retinoids.