Oil Of The Week: Geranium

Oil Of The Week: Geranium


Geranium,  Pelargonium graveolens, is native to South Africa and is an adaptogen essential oil. This means it helps your body adapt to stress, fatigue and generally cope better.  Arguably one of the most loved essential oils, geranium is our Oil Of The Week!


Geranium or rose geranium as it is sometimes called, has a sweet floral rose-like scent and is extracted from the leaves and flowers of the geranium plant via steam distillation. The plant is native to Southern and South Africa but is now grown all over the world and different varieties have even been bred.



An adaptogen oil, geranium’s scent is calming and grounding. It can assist with balancing hormones, easing symptoms of PMS and calming emotions, and is excellent for stress and anxiety, uplifting the mood. Dab on the neck or wrists, or add to a diffuser or burner to enjoy the calming scent. Geranium can also be added to bath water for a relaxing, unwinding bath.


Geranium is an excellent choice as an addition to massage oil blends. It promotes skin health while relieving tension and stress, the perfect combination!


Skincare & Cosmetics

Geranium oil has been used since ancient Egyptian times to promote a youthful and radiant complexion as well as to uplift the mood and emotions. Geranium is considered a beautifying oil, and can be added to facial oil serums to give your skin a lovely glow (plus it smells amazing).


Geranium can help tighten pores and skin and promotes cellular regeneration, making it an effective anti aging oil. It is also anti inflammatory. It is an ideal ingredient in creams and lotions, soaps and other skincare products, not only for its lovely scent but also for its skin benefits.


Geranium is a deodoriser, and can also help hide unpleasant scents as it is powerful. It is often used in deodorants for this purpose.


Geranium oil is also used in hair products to promote radiant and healthy looking hair. Add a few drops to your shampoo and conditioner to reap the benefits.


Other Uses

Geranium oil is often added to potpourri mixes to improve the scent and make existing scents last longer. 


Geranium essential oil is unsurprisingly greatly valued in perfumery for it's pretty floral scent. It is considered a high-end scent, and can also be used to extend more expensive oils such as rose.


Geranium oil repels insects, especially ticks and fleas on dogs. This is because one of the main chemicals found in geranium oil is citronellol, the key component of citronella which is a well known insect repellent. Geranium is safe for dogs, but always dilute it in a little carrier oil so the scent isn’t overpowering for your animals. Rub into their skin and fur to deter ticks and fleas. Bonus: you will have a very nice smelling pooch!


Geranium may be used as a botanical flavourant in gins and other alcoholic beverages. Note: it is not recommended to ingest essential oils unless they are organic and/or food grade, and we ourselves do not recommend ingesting any of our oils. It is, however, up to the user’s discretion at the end of the day.



Geranium Facial Steam

Ready a bowl or sink of hot water. Add a few drops of geranium essential oil to the steaming water. Add any herbs you like (not essential but I really love green tea for instance, as it makes my skin feel moisturised, cleansed and soft). Put a towel over your head to increase the steam intensity and enjoy the gentle steam cleansing your skin. Be careful not to burn yourself in hot steam.


Geranium & Bergamot Fragrance Oil

1 T of a neutral carrier oil such as  almond or  grapeseed

3 drops  geranium

3 drops  bergamot

2 drops  lavender

Blend everything together in a little bottle and apply to wrists, neck or temples for s stunning natural perfume.


Geranium Bath Salts

2 cups of  Himalayan salts OR 1 cups Himalayan salts + 1 cup  Epsom salts

10 drops  geranium

10 drops  lavender

10 drops  clary sagebasilylang ylang or  cedarwood

Mix the oils thoroughly into the salt, then dissolve in a bath and soak for 15-30 minutes

Geranium blends well with rose, lavender, bergamot, clary sage, basil, citrus scented oils and rosemary. 


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