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Dried Stinging Nettle Herb/Root Powder (Urtica dioica)

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Dried Stinging Nettle Herb/Root Powder is rich in chlorophyll and vitamins A and C. It also contains trace minerals and is thought to be a blood purifier.


This product is certified: Vegan and Food Grade.
Ingredient transparency: data sheets or COA available on request.
INCI: Urtica dioica

    • The key action is cleansing and detoxifying but are one of the most widely applicable plants we have
    • It strengthens and supports the whole body
    • Specific in childhood eczema and nervous eczema
    • Helpful for gout, arthritis
    • Poor kidney function and fluid retention
    • Eases hay fever, asthma, eczema and allergic disorders
    • Treats anaemia and sciatica
    • Reduces mucus in lungs and bronchial catarrh.
    • Improves breast milk production
    • Makes a great tonic after the winter as they are one of the best sources of minerals
    • Improves urine flow, reduces urinary frequency and nocturia, and decreases the volume of residual urine

    For nose bleeds and insect bites

    • As a hair treatment it will improve texture and colour
    • Helps prevent hair loss, encourage new growth and clear dandruff and oily hair
    • Can be used as an insect repellent on plants
    • For animals/Horses: Tonic, anaemia, poor appetite, worms, lung problems, allergies, weakness

    Herbal powder: Use ¼ tsp in one cup of boiled water. Stir while adding water.

    Fresh nettle causes urticaria if applied topically. Internal use may theoretically decrease the efficacy of anticoagulant drugs.

    Histamine, formic acid, chlorophyll, gluco quinine, iron, vit C. Flavonoids, silicic acid.

    Acts as a Diuretic, astringent, haemostatic, tonic.

    Technical data sheets or COA available on request.

    This product is grown in an organic and regenerative fashion with as minimal use of insecticides, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides as possible, in certified organic fertilizer. The product is certified food grade. It is not certified organic. Suitable for Kosher, Halaal and Hindi diets.

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Will buy again, thank you Essentially Natural for excellent service and top quality products.

Fatima H.

Great product, I use it in my herbal hair rinse

Tafadzwa D.
No substitute for nature

Quality product. And definitely no substitute for natural products...

Naledi S.
Good Quality

Worth buying, absolutely love essentially Naturals quality and quantity

Mabusi S.
Herbs are good quality as expected. Thanks

Please try always it in stock because I use it a lot

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