All Purpose Natural Fragrance Spray

All Purpose Natural Fragrance Spray 

We love a scented space, but sometimes burning candles or essential oils just isn't practical. This is where a fragrance spray comes in mighty handy! A few spritzes and your home is freshened up - great for guests coming over, or to get rid of other scents.

For rooms, bathrooms/toilets, linen, pillows, body or hair perfume, this natural fragrance spray is universal and customisable. Don't you just love a multi-purpose product?


When we say fragrance, we of course mean essential oils and not synthetic fragrances. And there are so many beautiful scent combinations you can try with essential oils. Please check out some of these blogs for more inspiration on essential oil combinations:

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This natural fragrance spray contains just a few key ingredients: water makes up the majority, then essential oils for the actual fragrance part, and a solubiliser to get the oils and water to mix.

Because this product consists mostly of water, we also need a preservative. I’m going to use the sodium benzoate/potassium sorbate combination which is cost effective and works well. However if you have an allergy to sodium benzoate please use a different preservative.

I’m using  Symbiosolv Clear Plus as my solubiliser, but we do also have another one called  Resassol which is equally as good.

If you choose the Symbiosolv, please read this to get a good background on how to work with it (and solubilisers in general):

A Quick Guide To Solubilisers



All Purpose Natural Fragrance Spray

2%  essential oil of choice (you may need more essential oil, depending on which you choose. In this case I used  rose geranium which is a strong scent so not much is needed)

6%  solubiliser (keep in mind that you may need to adjust the solubiliser amount as required. The ratio here is 1:3, but you may require more if you choose a different essential oil. Take from the water amount to keep the overall formulation adding to 100%)

0.4%  sodium benzoate

0.2%  potassium sorbate

0.1%  citric acid

91.3% water

Weigh and mix the essential oil and solubiliser thoroughly together in a beaker. Then add the water and preservative system and mix well until everything is fully blended together and the preservative powders have dissolved. If you are mixing vigorously a bit of foam may develop; this is normal and it will settle in time.

Full and complete solubilisation will be achieved when you get a clear solution, however depending on the essential oil used, this may be fairly tricky. So if you get a slightly milky solution this is also fine - as long as there are no oil droplets floating around.

Pour your fragrance spray into a spritzer bottle and enjoy!


Hair spray: you can add in a protein such as  hydrolyzed proteinkeratin or  collagen to make a customised hair spray.

Scent customisations: go wild with different scents to suit your spaces! Try  eucalyptus lemon or  lemon tea tree to really freshen up your bathroom or kitchen, and softer  chamomile or  lavender for linen and pillows to create a calming environment for sleep.