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    Essentially Natural

    Essentially Natural Xanthan Gum

    INCI: Xanthan Gum

    Xanthan gum (200 mesh) is a polysaccharide which can be used as a thickener and an emulsion stabiliser in 'make your own' cosmetic products. It is highly cost effective as an ingredient in DIY products - you need only tiny amounts in your formulations.

    Further reading: Fun With Plant Based Gels

    Why we love xanthan gum: it works very well as a stabiliser and thickener in all kinds of formulations: shampoos, body washes, hand washes, lotions etc, and adds a moisturised skin feel to products. It also makes great gels by itself, or blended with guar gum.

    Sizes: 50g, 100g, 250g, 500g, 1kg, 2kg, 5kg,10kg, 25kg.

    EN staff tip: mix xanthan gum with a little glycerine to hydrate it and make for easier and smoother blending, and a lump-free gel.

      • Xanthan gum can be used as a thickener and stabilizer in DIY cosmetics
      • It is a natural thickener for emulsions and cleansing products
      • Xanthan gum creates a gel with water, and provides a smooth glide to creams and lotions while improving emulsion stability
      • Xanthan gum has its own moisturising and hydrating properties, which it can lend to formulations
      • It adds volume to baked products and improves texture
      • Xanthan gum is naturally gluten-free
      • Food safe
      • 200 mesh

      Xanthan gum is completely soluble in water.

      Usage: in formulations xanthan gum is typically used from 0.1-1%; in gels it is used up to 10% for very thick gels.

      Xanthan gum needs to be hydrated to disperse in the aqueous phase. Measure out the xanthan gum then add a little vegetable glycerine and blend together. This will assist in dispersion with aqueous phase: add either cold or warm water, blending until desired gel consistency is achieved. You can also use a different water based ingredient such as hydrosol, aloe vera gel, botanical infusions, etc. in place of the water.

      Xanthan gum comes in various mesh sizes, or particle sizes.

      80 mesh xanthan gum is the standard, and this xanthan gum is suitable for all applications. However it is considered the better emulsion stabiliser due to its slightly larger particle size. It also makes syngergistic blends with guar gum.

      200 mesh xanthan gum is finer than 80 mesh, and therefore is easier to dissolve and disperse, and it has a quick hydration rate.

      Xanthan gum, 200 mesh.

      pH: 7

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 19 reviews
    Janine P.

    Used it for the first time. Was quite happy with the end result😊

    Colleen F.

    Grateful to have found your product in bulk online good quality, but most of all I appreciate the quick prompt service from placing the order to being delivered.

    Annetta H.
    Silky Gels Formed

    Good Quality. A level teaspoon can thicken up around 100ml. The gel formed is soft and silky. Highly recommended for making non-detergent liquid hand wash.

    Sam P.
    Great product

    We have a repeat in this order as we are so happy with it as well as the amazing service

    Shernelle T.
    Online purchasing

    Absolutely excited and happy upon receiving and opening my order from essentially natural, i am planning on opening a eco friendly /natural cosmetic & baby products, so i will definitely be ordering & maoe essentially natural my go-to store. All products were sealed tightly, well packaged & boxed, i can't wait to start formulating😊🙏

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