Powder-To-Foam Facial Cleanser

Powder-To-Foam Cleanser 

A powder-to-foam cleanser sounds like a complex product, but it is surprisingly easy to make. 

It has a powder base of pink clay, plus some SCI powder for the foaming part. We’ve added some brightening Vitamin C powder and some buttermilk powder to add an extra milky lather, and you can make this cleanser even more luxe with other ingredients if you like. This formula is ideal for oily skin types as clay is clarifying. Give it a try!

Vitamin C Powder-To-Foam Cleanser 

60%  pink clay

25%  SCI , powdered

10%  buttermilk powder (optional, you can substitute this for more clay or customise it with ingredients below)

5%  Vit C

Optional customisations (remove 5% from the clay amount to accommodate):

5% powder actives: choose from  inulin for a probiotic cleanser, or  allantoin for soothing irritated skin


5% gentle botanical powders as exfoliants:  rose petal powderhibiscus powderchamomile powderorange peel powder, etc. 

Grind the SCI to a fine powder in a coffee grinder or powdering device. Run it through a fine sieve to make sure there are no chunky bits.

Weigh out the SCI powder into a beaker and add the other ingredients. Mix thoroughly, then decant into a jar or shaker.

To use, use a  wooden scoop to pour a small amount into the palm of your hand, drip a little water to make a milky lather, then massage into your skin to cleanse.

Clay powders leave skin silky smooth, porcelain feeling. Enjoy!

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