Shimmery Body Butter

Summer Shimmer Part 2: Body Butter

The other day we published our  shimmery body oil recipe. If you love a little summer shimmer, but a body oil isn’t your thing, try this moisturising, shimmery body butter. It has all the benefits of a nourishing body butter, but with added shimmer to bring that glow to the skin. It's the perfect summer accessory!

We use a combination of different butters, plus some extra stearic acid to stabilise the body butter. This makes it temperature resistant and nourishing!

Shimmery Body Butter

15%  avocado butter

19%  mango butter

21%  cocoa butter 

31%  oil

7% stearic acid

3%  arrowroot powder

4%  mica


Weigh the butters and stearic acid together in a beaker, and heat until fully melted. Then add in the oil, arrowroot powder and the mica, stir well to combine, and pop in the fridge for a bit until it solidifies. Take it out the fridge and whip until smooth and fluffy with a stick blender or electric beater (the beater beats in more air so will yield a fluffier texture). Spoon into a jar, and enjoy!

If you want more shimmer, you are welcome to increase the mica amount.