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Vegi Capsules

Vegicaps & Filler Machine Combo (Size 0)

Vegicaps & Filler Machine Combo (Size 0)

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Purchase the vegicaps and the filler machine together and save!

Vegicap capsules are designed to be filled with dry powders. These vegicap capsules are manufactured in Europe from 100% plant cellulose and are certified Kosher and Halal. Vegicaps are an alternative to gelatin capsules, and are used by vegetarians, vegans and those who choose not to consume animal products.

These empty capsules can easily be filled at home with your chosen powdered herbs, supplements or medications using the 24-hole Capsule Filler Machine. The vegicaps can be filled with oils but these will need to be filled manually with a pipette or dropper and used up quickly or the oil may start to dissolve the capsules. If filled with oils, keep in cool conditions as heat may cause melting or leakage of the oil.

Size: 500 vegicap capsules.

The Capsule Machine is the best home capsule filling machine on the market. Easily fill your capsules with powders in minutes, no mess, no fuss. Using a machine to fill capsules is hygienic and professional.

Size: 24 capsule holes.

  • Size 0 / medium
  • Weight: 95mg
  • Internal volume: 0.68ml
  • Dimensions: body: 18.44mm; cap: 10.72mm; overall closed length: 21.7mm
  • Powder weight will vary depending on fineness of powder, moisture content and rate of compaction.
  • Example powder weights: turmeric: 420mg; moringa powder: 340mg; aspirin: 485mg.
  • The empty capsules have a shelf life of 2-5 years when stored correctly.

  • 100% vegetable cellulose
  • No preservatives
  • No additives
  • No GMO
  • No wheat
  • Kosher
  • Halal
  • Easily filled at home
  • Make your own supplements
  • Easy to take

  • Fills size 0 capsules
  • Automatically joins and ejects filled capsules
  • Faster and easier to use than other products available
  • Fills 24 capsules in as little as two minutes!
  • Made in USA
  • Made from BPA-free plastics that are food safe and adhere to FDA regulations.

Since the materials in the Capsule Machine can melt at temperatures close to 82 degrees C., care is necessary if using a dishwasher as the heat function on many dishwashers can exceed the maximum temperature. Washing with hot soapy water normally does the job. Take care if you are taking the springs off the base or top of the Capsule Machine. Make sure you pry the springs gently off the tabs holding them in place. And when you want to reinsert the springs, insert one side under the tab, and then the others. Some powders may stain any plastic surface, such as the Capsule Machine surfaces.

Do not fill capsules with any liquid that contains water otherwise it will dissolve the capsule prior to consumption. Keep out of direct sunlight, hot water and high temperatures. Store in a cool dry place in an airtight container.

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Wedaad G.
Love using the filler machine

love using it thank you