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Umuthi Botanicals

Umuthi Sweet Almond Oil (Cold Pressed)

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Sizes: 100ml, 200ml, 500ml, 1L. 

Sweet almond oil has many applications in the therapeutic and cosmetic industry due to it's high vitamin and monounsaturated fatty acid content.The oil is produced by crushing, cold pressing the raw almond kernels.This produces a pale yellow oil of medium viscosity which is absorbed quickly into your skin. Sweet Almond is one of the best carrier oils to use in aromatherapy.

  • Botanical name: Prunus dulcis
    Part used: raw kernels
    Method: cold pressed
    Colour: pale yellow, almost clear
    Viscosity: Medium.
    Aroma: Virtually odourless, slightly nutty


    • Almond oil can be used as a carrier oil, massage oil and an all-natural skincare treatment
    • Aids in relieving irritation, inflammation and itching
    • Skin repair
    • Great for all skin types
    • Can be used as a hair conditioner, either as a pre-wash treatment, or as a leave in conditioner
    • Used on the scalp it alleviates dandruff and itchy scalp; rejuvenates hair follicles and prevents hair fall
    • Nourishes and strengthens the roots of your hair
    • Loaded with natural vitamin E


    Individuals with a tree nut allergy should not use this oil, but it is otherwise hypoallergenic.

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