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    Umuthi Botanicals

    Umuthi Dill Essential Oil

    INCI: Anethum graveolens

    Umuthi Dill essential oil has a warm, spicy aroma and is generally used to aid indigestion and to relieve flatulence and colic. It is reputed to be helpful to the nervous system when overwhelmed.

    Sizes: 10ml, 30ml, 100ml.

    • Part used: Seeds.
      Method: Steam distillation.
      Colour: Yellow to light brown.
      Consistency: Thin.
      Perfumery note: Middle.
      Aroma: Pungent, spicy, strong dill.


      • Dill, both the seeds and leaves, have been used for centuries in food preparation and herbal remedies.
      • Roman soldiers rubbed dill oil on their bodies before going into battle, believing it would strengthen their nerves.
      • Dill seed oil has a high carvone content, which gives it effective antimicrobial properties.
      • Dill oil is often used on work surfaces as a disinfectant.
      • Used to disinfect wounds, and aids healing the healing process.
      • Widely used to aid digestion, help release gas and it is also an antispasmodic, relieving stomach cramps.
      • It can also be used diluted as a mouthwash and gargle for mouth and throat inflammations.
      • The name Dill is derived from the word “dilla”, which means “to lull”, so is believed to aid in combating insomnia, relieve stress and depression.

      • carvone
      • limonene
      • a-pinene
      • decanal

        Anyone with an allergy to the carrot family should not use dill as they are related.

      Technical data sheets or COA available on request.

      Essential oils are highly concentrated plant essences. The ingestion of essential oils is not recommended without prior advice from your health care practitioner. Dilute in a carrier or base when necessary. Read our quick guide: Essential Oils

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