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Rhassoul Clay

Sizes: 500g, 1kg, 5kg. 

Rhassoul Clay is a 100% natural mineral clay that moisturises and softens skin and hair. It can be used daily as a soap and/or shampoo and as a base ingredient in the making of face masks. The clay has a reddish brown colour and may be supplied as a powder or small pieces that, though not essential, can be easily powdered before use.


    • Helps to even out skin tone, reduce blemishes and draws out blackheads - just mix with rosewater for a wonderfully easy face mask
    • Can increase skin elasticity
    • Reduces skin dryness or flakiness
    • Has a high silica and magnesium content
    • Can improve your hair’s elasticity and reduce flakiness - just massage into your hair and leave on for about half a minute before rinsing out
    • Natural treatment for dandruff
    • Can be used as a natural colourant in DIY cosmetics


    Rhassoul clay comes in hard chunks rather than a fine powder. To use it, simply soak the chunks in water to make a clay paste.
    Just place your clay into a bowl and add water. Leave this to stand for a few minutes until the clay pieces have dissolved. After the clay has hydrated you can stir so that you get a consistent paste which will be easy to apply with your fingers. You can then add any other ingredients that you wish to make part of your mask or hair treatment.


    It's best to mix in an old bowl as the clay is quite abrasive and could damage the surface of your best kitchen crockery.

    Also known as: Ghassoul Clay, Red Moroccan Clay and Red Clay

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