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50ml Clear Glass Jar with Silver Lid (58/400)

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These clear glass jars, with shiny silver lid included, are a good choice for creams and salves.

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      • Our wide range of glass bottles, glass jars and aluminium tins are available to purchase as single units, or in bulk.

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        Why we love them: beautiful and practical, whether you’re blending oils or serums, creams, lotions or balms, sprays or mists, washes for face, body or hair, we offer a packaging solution for any need or occasion.
        Our packaging is made from high quality, readily recyclable glass and aluminium, and any plastic parts such as caps are made from pharmaceutical grade LDPE.
        However, hardly any type of packaging is going to be 100% sustainable and environmentally friendly. This is the trade-off of safely packaging products and having different kinds of functionality, such as pipettes - which can’t really be made out of any other material.
        For us, sustainability is a direction of travel; we constantly strive to be better and do better for our planet. All of our packaging is entirely reusable and we encourage you to keep your glass bottles, jars and aluminium tins in the loop by reusing and repurposing them – have fun and be creative!


        These clear glass jars, with shiny silver lid included, are a good choice for creams and salves.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 7 reviews
        Berdine V.n.
        Your new biggest fan

        The older I get the more aware I become.
        I found Essentially Natural online when I started searching for natural products during my mission on finding healthier alternatives to use on my body.
        I have now also found such a nice hobbie and a new form to help create a living for myself by making a all natural arm deodorant. This is made with so much love from all of your natural ingredients supplied here on Essentually Natural.

        I ordered 50 glass jars for my testimony. I found the glass jars were delivered the very next day.
        I love the quality of the glass.. its solid!
        I dropped one of the glass jars accidentally (mind you, more than once) and it didnt even crack or show any signs of having a heavy fall.
        I have recently started buying all sorts of products from your team and I know I will forever continue.💚
        I also appreciate the little thank you samples you give with my orders.
        I wouldn't of known that you also supply such good quality oils aswell if it wasnt for the samples.
        I come back from shopping with you guys feeling cared for as a customer. I find this quality rare to find as a online buyer. I know I'm not the only one who feels the love your company shares with the world.
        Thank you for helping me stay GREEN effortlessly.

        Much love
        Birds bees

        Very professional looking :)

        Don't you just love these silver or gold capped glass lids? I use them for mixing my own hand cream or neck cream, and they look super professional in it! It's good, it's in glass.

        Pabi M.
        Glass jar review

        Arrived on time and packed very well. The jar is good quality, true to description and I plan on using it for creams or balms.

        Aphiwe T.
        Glass packaging with silver lids

        I am so in love with my containers and the company was so fast in delivering. I will definitely be using you guys again... Exceptional service💕💕💕

        Nadine V.D.W.
        Ointment 🏺

        Thanks Wayne - amazing service

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