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50ml Amberised Glass Jar with Aluminium Lid (58/400)

50ml Amberised Glass Jar with Aluminium Lid (58/400)

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Size: 50ml.

These amberised glass jars are versatile and functional. Amber glass provides more UV protection than clear containers. A good choice for ointments, salves, powders and cosmetic products that are sensitive to light. 58/400 aluminium lid included.

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  • Recyclable
  • Sturdy
  • Perfect for storing ointments, creams, salves, powders, etc
  • Amberised glass helps to protect contents from light
About Bottles & Jars

Our wide range of glass bottles, glass jars and aluminium tins are available to purchase as single units, or in bulk.

Why we love them: beautiful and practical, whether you’re blending oils or serums, creams, lotions or balms, sprays or mists, washes for face, body or hair, we offer a packaging solution for any need or occasion.

Our packaging is made from high quality, readily recyclable glass and aluminium, and any plastic parts such as caps are made from pharmaceutical grade LDPE.

However, hardly any type of packaging is going to be 100% sustainable and environmentally friendly. This is the trade-off of safely packaging products and having different kinds of functionality, such as pipettes - which can’t really be made out of any other material.

For us, sustainability is a direction of travel; we constantly strive to be better and do better for our planet. All of our packaging is entirely reusable and we encourage you to keep your glass bottles, jars and aluminium tins in the loop by reusing and repurposing them – have fun and be creative!

Size Base Height (complete)
5g 35mm 21mm
15ml 44mm 28mm
20g 45mm 32mm
28ml 40mm 36mm
30ml 52mm 40mm
50ml 58mm 42mm
50ml frosted 56mm 63mm
50g 55mm 45mm
100ml 58mm 64mm
100ml (grinder) 41mm 135mm
100g 60mm 72mm
125ml 58mm 85mm
200ml 90mm 55mm
260ml 65mm 90mm
500ml 100mm 95mm
750ml 90mm 180mm
1L 105mm 170mm
2L 130mm 215mm
3L 150mm 240mm
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tanya S.
50ml Amber Glass Jars with Aluminium Lid

Perfect for homemade creams! Love the shape and colour. Received my order in less than 2 days and got a little gift in the box. Service is always great!

Jolandi V.
Amberised Glass Jar with Aluminium

I love it.


I, unfortunately, purchased the wrong size. Yesterday I ordered the 100ml, which I hope arrives soonest. Besides the size the jar looks perfect. Thank you

Madre V.d.
Glass jar with aluminium lid

It looks great and the lid fits perfectly! Can’t wait to use it!