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    August 23, 2018 2 min read

    Ylang Ylang

    Ylang ylang means ‘flower of flowers’ and it is a fitting name for this intoxicatingly floral scented oil. The oil is steam distilled from the Cananga odorata tree, found in tropical rainforests of Asian and South Pacific islands. Ylang ylang is very popular in perfumery and is a key note in Chanel No. 5. We love it for its flower power therapy.

    Ylang ylang for Skin and Hair:

    Ylang ylang has a thickening effect on hair and has healing properties for skin. It is also an antiseptic and can help heal wounds. Ylang ylang balances oily skin and sebum production, and soothes irritation. It can help restore a youthful glow and fights the signs of aging. It improves circulation and can help dissipate blemishes.

    Jojoba Skin Serum

    2 drops ylang ylang

    1 -2 tsp jojoba oil

    Mix together and apply to your skin daily. Ylang ylang can be diluted in a 1:1 ratio.

    For a beautifully scented hair treatment and to encourage hair growth try this:

    Luxurious Hair Treatment

    5 drops ylang ylang essential oil

    5 drops lavender essential oil

    2 drops rosemary essential oil

    ¼ c coconut oil or argan oil

    Massage into hair and scalp, leave in for 20 minutes then wash out. Or simply add a few drops of ylang ylang to your hair conditioner.


    Ylang ylang in Aromatherapy:

    Ylang ylang is recommended by aromatherapists as an antidepressant, aphrodisiac and sedative. It has a calming effect on the nervous system and can help with feelings of anxiety, tension, shock, fear and panic. It naturally slows a fast beating heart and rapid breathing. It has positive effects on your mood and helps expel negative feelings such as anger, low self-esteem and stress.

    Mix ylang ylang with lavender oil and apply to the back of the neck and lower abdomen to help with PMS, tension and cramps. Or try this effective blend:

    Hormone Balancing Blend

    30ml evening primrose oil

    30 drops ylang ylang

    30 drops clary sage

    30 drops thyme

    Blend together in a dropper bottle and apply to the back of your neck as needed.

    Soothing Aromatherapy Massage Oil:

    4 drops ylang ylang essential oil

    4 drops sandalwood essential oil

    4 drops sweet orange essential oil

    2 drops geranium essential oil

    60ml carrier oil of your choice (argan, coconut, sesame, sweet almond, jojoba, grapeseed, macadamia)

    Add all the oils to a dark glass bottle and shake gently to combine. Allow the oils to infuse together for a few days before use.


    Ylang ylang Aromatherapy Blends

    Here are some ylang ylang aromatherapy blends which you can either add to a roller bottle along with a carrier oil, or diffuse in a burner.


    2 drops ylang ylang and 2 drops bergamot

    Tropical air freshener:

    2 drops ylang ylang and 2 drops jasmine

    Release tension:

    2 drops ylang ylang and 2 drops frankincense

    Boost energy:

    2 drops ylang ylang and 2 drops of a citrus oil such as sweet orangegrapefruit or lemon

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