Mandela Day Food Drive

Mandela Day Food Drive

This Mandela Day, The One Percent Movement, powered by Essentially Natural, aims to provide 2000 nutritious meals by the end of 2024 through our food-drive. We need just R6,700 to achieve this, thanks to the incredible smart food parcels from Maxiblend. Each parcel provides a delicious, one-pot, high-fibre and high-protein meal. We plan to distribute these parcels in the impoverished community of Fisantekraal.

The logic behind the One Percent Movement is simple: If we all nurture a culture of giving, the community as a whole will grow stronger and healthier. Whether your one percent is pocket change or thousands, the ripple effect of small acts of kindness shouldn’t be underestimated. 

We invite you - implore you - to join us in this mission, turning small contributions into significant change and ensuring fewer people go hungry. Just R67 provides 22 meals - math that we find astonishing and inspiring in equal measure, and proving our firm belief that a little truly goes a long way.

Together, we can make a powerful impact!



GOAL: R6,700.00 (over 2000 meals)



Fisantekraal Animal Welfare Charity Shop Refurbishment

Fisantekraal Animal Welfare provides vital services such as animal sterilisation and education in an impoverished area, relying entirely on public donations. Their charity shop not only raises essential funds but also offers the community affordable necessities. The shop urgently needs refurbishment to enhance its functionality and better serve both the welfare and the community.

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Refurbishing Lizzy’s Soup Kitchen

Lizzy’s Soup Kitchen plays a crucial role in feeding the hungry, and this year we are focused on its much-needed refurbishment. Lizzy, who is also a dedicated foster mother, tirelessly supports her community. Enhancing the kitchen’s facilities will improve its efficiency and capacity, ensuring that more people can receive nutritious meals in a welcoming environment.

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Greening at MES Durbanville for the Homeless

Our greening project at MES Durbanville aims to create a sustainable and uplifting environment for the homeless. By introducing green spaces, we not only beautify the area but also provide a serene and therapeutic setting for the residents, fostering a sense of community and well-being.

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Sensory Garden Corner at Aristea Home for the Elderly

The sensory garden corner at Aristea Home for the Elderly is designed to offer a calming and stimulating environment for the residents. This project focuses on creating a space where the elderly can engage with nature, benefiting from the sensory experiences that promote relaxation and improve mental health.

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If you would like more information on our food-drive or want to get involved with any of our ongoing projects, please contact Juanita Berry: